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Bravo Quarter 2 EXAM

Chapter 2a and 2b, Chapter 3, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, and Chapter 7

Mississippi Floodplain - Location (2) Parallels Mississippi River Through New Orleans and Baton Rouge
Mississippi Floodplain - Geographic Features (5) Natural Levees, Swamps, Passes, Deltas, Estuaries.
Terraces - Location (3) Northeastern LA, Southwest LA, LA & Florida Parishes.
Terraces - Geographic Features (3) Blufflands, Prairies, Flatlands
Marsh - Location (1) Along the Gulf Coast
Marsh - Geographic Features (3) Ridges, Salt Domes, Brackish Water
Red River Valley - Location (1) Borders the Red River
Red River Valley - Geographic Features (4) Fertile red soil from iron, "Bloody" soil, Natural Levees, Similar to MS Floodplain
Hills - Location (2) Northern LA, Toe of the Boot!
Hills - Geographic Features (4) Not fertile farm land, LA mountain, Sabine River, Wolds.
Name at least 2 Mississippi River Nicknames "Raging Killer of Small Towns" "Old Man River" "Mighty Mississippi"
Where does the Mississippi river begin? Itasca, Minnesota
Where does the Mississippi River End? The Gulf of Mexico
Shallowest Point of M.R.? Lake Itasca
Deepest Point of M.R.? Algiers Point
MS is the ___ largest river in the world in terms of watershed. 3rd
Watershed All the water that a river drains
What are the States bordering the MS river? Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana.
How do you measure Hurricanes? How many categories? Saffir-Simpson Scale, 5.
Wetland Uses (5) Recreational Value, Scientific Research, Navigation, Wildlife Habitat, Commercial Value.
Wetland Problems (6) Chemical Pollution, Hurricanes, Water Quality, Loss of Habitat, Coastal Erosion, Oil Drilling
Solutions (CWPPRA) (4) Erosion Control, Storm Buffer, Flood Control, River/Levees
Sustainability Capacity to endure
Examples of natural resources Oil, Coal, Wood, Plants
Examples of Capital Resources Buildings that produce the goods, equipment
Examples of human resources people doing jobs
Scarcity Not enough of something; this requires people's needs and wants to be balanced.
Choices Scarcity leads to choices, which require to CHOOSE BETWEEN 2 things
Opportunity Cost The value of your second choice which you DO NOT pick
Renewable Resource Replenish themselves
Nonrenewable Resources NOT replaced by nature
Traditional Economy Amount produced and bought based on last year's amount
Command Economy The government controls everything - prices, what you get, etc.
Market Economy All by choice
Importance of interdependency Economies depend of each other
Uses of Venn Diagrams Compare and Contrast ideas, people, etc.
Site Place where archaeologists excavate
Excavation How an archaeologist digs
Stratan A distinct layer of land
Paleo Oldest known Indians in LA , came from Asia on land bridge
Meso nomads, built permanent homes, developed the atlatl
Early Neo Built temple mounds, harvested many types of crops
Geology the science that deals with Earth's history as recorded in rocks
Anthropology Study of remains of past human cultures
Archaeology Scientific study of humans and their development
Paleontology Study of fossil remains of plants and animals
Poverty Point Built by Neo Indians, Used clay cooking pots, atlatls, No one knows why it stopped being used. (war or change in religion?)
What 2 Dangers did the Europeans bring to Native Americans? Disease, relocation.
What are the importance of timelines? Gives visual of events in relations
La Salle Claimed land for Louis XIV, found mouth of MS River, sent back to form colony, got lost and was killed by own men.
Tonti Assistant to La Salle, friends with natives, left important letter
Croazt First proprietor of Louisiane, failed. Only wanted money.
Law Mississippi Bubble, 2nd FAILED proprietor
St. Denis Founder of Natchitoches, sent to establish trade with Spanish colony Texas, failed.
Iberville Founded Ft. Maurepas and Ft Louis, founded Mobile, "Founder of Louisiane"
Bienville Bienville's Bluff, Founded New Orleans, "Father of Louisiana," Louisiane governor.
Louis XIV King for whom Louisiane was named
Louis XV Lost power in New France after 7 years war in America
Gov. Vaudreuil Brought sophistication to NO, first Mardi Gras ball, unusual gov.
Gov. Kerelerec Last gov. of LA, LA was given over to Spanish during his reign
Pelican Girls and Casket Girls Girls sent over to the colonies to increase spirit of men, named after their ship and luggage
What is the significance of the palace of Versailles? Glorified King Louis XIV, took over 30,000 laborers, and contained the entire government.
What is the story of the English Turn, or Bienville's Bluff Bienville and Iberville were exploring in a canoe, and a large British warship passed by, on French land. Bienville said that the French had a huge fleet of ships behind him, so the British better leave.
Why is propaganda used? To make other people believe certain or false things about a place or other people.
Why is New Orleans the place that it is? (4) - Huge bend in the MS River Near NOLA, Trade location, resources, sugarcane land.
What is the Use of bar charts? Shows comparisons among categories
Bias Shows tendency that some ideas, beliefs, or people are better than other.
Persuasive writing A writing trying to prove the author's point of view
Descriptive writing A writing trying to inform
Cause of the French and Indian war... French and British fought over the Ohio River Valley land
Result of the French and Indian war... (3) - British and Spanish got control of NA - Acadians forced to leave Canada - Spain got NOLA
Treaty of Fontainebleau Secret agreement where France ceded LA to Spain prior to Treaty of Paris
Treaty of Paris (3) - Ended American Revolution - Spain got most of the territory it wanted - Florida became Spanish again
Islenos (Story) Spain wanted loyal colonists, so they enlisted the Islenos to come to Louisiana for military
Acadians (Story) Forced to leave Canada b/c the British thought they might side with French during the war, they refused to take an oath of allegiance
What did Ulloa do that upset the colonists? (2) Said they must follow Spanish Trade, had weird social behavior
What did O'Reilly do? "Bloody" O'Reilly was sent over to suppress rebellion and emphasize Spanish rule. He also set up the Cabildo and improved Indian relations
What is the purpose of political cartoons? To persuade reader to take a certain viewpoint on current issues
List 4 things that Unzaga did 1. Allowed trade with British 2. Strengthened forts with Indian relations 3. Appointed many frenchmen to positions of power 4. Brought arrival of Islenos
List 4 things that Galvez did 1. Governor of American Revolution 2. Organized militia to fight British 3. Captures B. Forts in Fort Bute, New Richmond, Fort Panmure, Mobile, Fort George (Pensacola)
What did Gov. Miro do? Dealt with the Fire of 1788
Gov Carondelet (5) 1. Allowed trade with US 2. Ruled during French Rev. 3. Established police force 4. Had title "Yo Solo" 5. Granted right of deposit
Effects of fired 1788 and 1794 - 78% of buildings destroyed - 1,000 people left homeless - Threat of famine - Everything was rebuilt to be stronger
Overall effect of Spanish rule over Louisiana - Culture remained mostly French - Economy improved (Unzaga/sugarcane) - Was at height of power while ruling LA - Faced great challenges, but still made significant growth
Created by: flamingocfs
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