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Ch. 6 section 2

Important people, events, and places

Bernardo de Galvez He was the Spanish governor of Louisiana who raised an army against the British. His army forced British troops from Baton Rouge and Natchez. They captured British forts at Mobile, Alabama, and Pensacola, Florida.
Marquis de Lafayette He was a French noble became a trusted aid to George Washington. He liked the ideas in the Declaration of Independence.
Friedrich von Steuben He was a Prussian military officer who came and helped Washington. He taught military discipline and turned the troops into a fighting force..
Juan de Miralles He was a Spanish representative who came to Philadelphia in 1778. He urged the countries of Cuba, Mexico, and Spain to send money to support the colonies in their fight for freedom.
Judith Sargeant Murray She argued for education for girls. She believed that girls' minds were as bright as boys' minds.
Abigail Adams She wrote to her husband. She stated that women should have the same rights as men and a voice in the government.
Valley Forge The troops lacked clothing such as shoes and shirts, food, shelter, blankets, and medicine. Many became sick and died. It was difficult to get supplies because of snowstorms and damaged roads. Spirits rose because of French support in 1778.
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