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Thirteen colonies

Thirteen colonies study stack for Davis's class

What were the governors' position in the colonies? The governors were the leaders of the colonies.
What were the Colonial Assemblies? Groups of colonists who were the leaders in their colonies. The governor was the leader.
What power did the King of England have over the colonists? The ability to impose acts, laws and duties.
What caused the French & Indian War? The colonists started to move west into French and Indian territory
What did the governors NOT have the power to do? The governors couldn't vote on laws before Parliament
Who was a part of the colonial assemblies? Colonists ELECTED by voters in their colonies.
What role did the King play in the revolution? He imposed several unfair acts, causing the colonists to rebel.
What were the sides of the French and Indian war? French and Indians vs. Colonists and Britan.
What could Parliament do? Make laws over the colonists, and citizens of England.
Where did the French and Indian War take place? The Ohio River valley.
Where is the Ohio River Valley? Inbetwen the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. Think of a "Y" shape.
Who won the French and Indian War? The British
What act spawned off of the French and Indian War? The Proclimation of 1763
What did the Proclamation of 1763 state? The colonists weren't allowed to settle west of the Appalachian Mountians.
What was the Stamp Act? The colonists had to buy a stamp for every piece of paper used
How did the colonists protest against the Proclamation? The colonists argued in letters that it was tyranny
How did the colonists protect against the Stamp Act? The colonists sent letters about tyranny, and refused to buy stamps.
What was the quartering act? Colonists had to provide for troops
How did the colonists protest the Quartering Act? New York assembly refused to fund soilders
What were the Townshend Acts? Placed taxes on Tea, glass, paint and paper.
What tax was left when Lord North repealed the Townshend Acts? The tea tax.
What happened during the Boston Massacre? Patriots started throwing snowballs at British Soilders. British soilders panicked and fired. Killed 5
What did John Adams do during the Boston Massacre? He defended the soilders
What was the tea act? Lowered the price of tea to cheaper than smuggled tea, even with taxes.
What happened because of the tea act? The Sons Of Liberty dumped tea into the ocean.
What were the intolerable acts? Closed Boston harbor. Massachusetts is under Britian Control. British soilders tried in England. More soilders sent to Boston.
What were the Events of Lexington and Concord? British soilders leave to seize gunpowder from colonists. ---> Patriot spies knew about this coming. Warned other Patriots. ----> Minutemen and British soilders fight in Lexington on 4/19.----> Parker (Minutemen leader) said not to fire unless fired upon.
What were the Events of Lexington and Concord 2? British started randomly firing. Killed 8, injured 10. --> Colonists fight British Soilders at Concord's north bridge. ---> British started burning town down. ---> British thought Minutemen would run, they didn't. Redcoats on run.
What were the events of Lexington and Concord 3? 4000 armed Minutemen along British route home. 74 British dead, 200 injured. British keep making mistakes about colonists.
Who/what was Parliament? The ruling body under the King of England
Created by: Yoyokid844
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