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Social studys

Progressive Movement The widespread efforts to reform and improve life that many Americans took part in during the late 1800,s - early 1900,s
Reform To make changes with goal of improving laws
child labor The use of children as workers
organized labor An organization of workers that tries to bargain with the employer to raise wages
wage the amount one is paid for work
Strike when workers as a group decide to stop working
Jane Addams A wealthy woman in Chicago who started the first ever settlement home called HULL HOUSE
Boss Tweed Nickname for William.L Tweed a political boss in new York around 1870 He and the Tammany Hall political group stole millions from New York
Ellis Island The processing center on a new York island where millions of immigrants came through to start a new life in America
Hull House The name of the settlement home in Chicago started by Jane Addams
Allies Great Britain France U.S. Russia
Central powers Germany Austria Hungary Turkey
Empire A group of nations or people
Woodrow Wilson The president of the united states during ww1
Arch duke Franz Ferdinand His assassination led to ww1
Militarism A belief in building a nations military
Imperialism The belief or policy
Depression a long lasting drop in a nations economy.
Reccession a downturn in a nations economy that is not as long lasting as a depression
uenployement rate the percent of workers looking for a job
Stocks certificates that represent part ownership of a buisness
Nlr A law passed during the GD to help imrove the rights of workers and labor unions.The law gave a clear legal right for workers to organize or join a union.The law was passed in 1935.
WPA One of the new deal programs created by franklin roosevelt and congress during the GD.It was mainly designed to create jobs for unemployed workers.Projects run by the WPA included road building,construction of airports and post office buildings ,and educa
CCC A new deal program created with two main goals :create jobs for unemployed young men and improve the enviornment .
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