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december9th SS vocab

lewis latimer African American inventor who played a key role in improving practical electrical lighting
thomas edison inventor of the electric lightbulb and many other devices
alexander graham bell inventor of the telephone
john d. rockefeller founder of the standard oil trust
robber baron a business leader who became wealthy through dis honest methods
andrew carnegie built u.s. steel industry
gilded age late 1800s era of fabulous wealth
patents government documents giving an inventor of the exclusive right to make and sell an invention for a specific number of years
corporation a business owned by investors who buy part of it through shares of stock
monopoly business that gains control of an industry by eliminating other competitors
trust a legal body created to hold stock in many companies, often within an industry
business cycle the pattern of good and bad economic times
shareholder an investor who buys part of a company through shares of stock
depression a period of low economic activity
Created by: runeh16