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Progressive Era

Progressive Movement Wide spread efforts to reform and improve life that many Americans took part in during the late 1800's and early 1900's. Included many different goals, such as ending child labor, passing laws to improve conditions for factory workers
Reform(s) To make changes with the goal of improving laws, habits, and patterns of life
Child Labor Use of children as workers. Effort to pass laws to make child labor illegal become part of the Progressive movement. Common in most areas, but well into the 1930's
Labor Unions Organization of workers that tries to bargain with the employer to raise wages and improve working conditions. Also, called a trade union
Organized Labor Labor unions
Wage(s) Amount of money paid per hour, day, or week
Strike(s) Workers decide as a group to stop working. Normally, goal is to force they employer to pay higher wages to improve working conditions
Women Suffrage Women's voting rights. "Suffrage" is the technical term for the right to vote
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