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His Exam 3 ch16

When did the fall of Fort Sumter occur? April 13th, 1861, Beauregard defeated Anderson - Anderson was Beauregard's professor at West Point.
The fall of Fort Sumter prompted four more southern states to join the Confederacy. Which ones were they? Virginia, NC, TN, AR
What is Preliminary emancipation Lincoln said he would free any slaves in the states rebelling against the Union after Jan 1 1863, and allow slaves to be slaves in the loyal states.
How was WV formed and when? Unionists in W Virginia, bolstered by a Union army from OH, organized a loyal gov of VA that formed a new state. In 1863, Congress admitted West Virginia to the Union with a constitution that provided for gradual emancipation of the few slaves there.
The three great Union victories of 1863 were at Vicksburg, Gettysburg, and Chattanooga.
Congress focused on three options to pay for the Union Civil War Effort: raising taxes, Morrill Tariff on imports & taxes on manufactures and nearly every profession. printing paper money, and borrowing
Congress ultimately authorized _________ in paper currency, which soon became known as _________ because of the color of the ink used to print the bills. $450 million, greenbacks
In the year _____, Congress passed the Internal Revenue Act, which created _________ 1862, an Internal Revenue Service to implement a new income tax.
What constitutional amendment ended slavery? 13th Amendment
What was the problem with confederate finances during the war? they enacted a tax but the Confederacy farmed out its collection of the taxes to the states. The result was chaos. In 1863, the desperate Confederate Congress began taxing nearly everything, but enforcement of the taxes was poor and evasion easy.
Blacks provided about ____ percent of union Sailors 25 %
The Peninsula (or Peninsular) Campaign was?. a major Union offensive against the Confederate capital of Richmond led by Major General George B. McClellan in the spring and summer of 1862, during the American Civil War -- He failed after the 7 days battle
Who ran against Lincoln in 1864? George B. McClellan.
Who were the copperheads? A vocal faction of Dems located in the Northern US of the Union who opposed the Civil War, wanting an immediate peace settlement with the Confederates. Republicans started calling antiwar Democrats "Copperheads", likening them to the venomous snake.
What was Sherman's March? Sherman's March to the Sea is the name commonly given to the military Savannah Campaign in the American Civil War, conducted through Georgia from November 15 to December 21, 1864 by Maj. Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman of the Union Army.
What was the Anaconda plan? It was a a plan to suppress the confederacy. It was proposed by Winfield Scott, and it was a blockade of souther ports, the mississippi river, cutting the south in two. They likened it to a snake suffocating it’s victim.
Radical Republicans pushed for...? confiscation of southern plantations, immediate emancipation of slaves, and a more vigorous prosecution of the war.
Name the leaders of Radical republicans? Led by House members such as Thaddeus Stevens and George Washington Julian and senators such as Charles Sumner, Benjamin Franklin Wade, and Zachariah Chandler
What were the two major strategies of the Union Army? Ancnda plan - block south & its internal water-ways, at the Miss River, and taken to split the south's com between East & West & to cripple its economy. 2. was to take Richmond. city of Richmond didn't fall until Grant's siege at Petersburg
Who was Clara Barton? She oversaw the distribution of medicines to Union troops. She later helped found the American Red Cross of which she remained president until the age of eighty-three.
The Civil War was also modern in that much of the warfare... was distant, impersonal, and mechanical. Men were killed at long distance, without knowing who had fired the shot that felled them.
CW was also modern in the sense that civilians could ...? monitor its activities by reading the large-circulation newspapers that sent reporters to the front lines, and people could visit exhibitions of photo- graphs taken at the battlefields and camps.
On _____ (Palm Sunday) the tall, stately Lee, in his dress uniform replete with a red silk sash, met the short, mud-spattered Grant in the parlor of Wilmer McLean’s home at Appomattox Court House to tender his surrender. April 9. 1865
When did the shelling of Fort Sumter begin? 4:30 AM on April 12th 1861
When did Fort Sumter finally fall? 34 hours later, anderson lowered the flag on April 13th.
What confirmed the existence of war, according to the supreme court and when? On April 19, Lincoln ordered a naval blockade of southern ports, which, as the Supreme Court later ruled, con- firmed the existence of war.
Which slave states adhered to the union DE, MD, WV, KY, MO
St. Louis MO hosted a large.... Ethnic population people born in Germany and Central Europe, most of whom were Roman Catholics intensely opposed to slavery and the Confederacy.
Robert E. Lee did not see the good in secession but.... nevertheless he chose to not abandon his "country" virginia.
The union advantage was _____ but the confederacy had _________ wagons, horses, and ships ---- impressive edge in the number of railroad locomotives.
What battle displayed how naive most people were to how long the war would last? Battle of Bull Run (or Manassas)
When did the battle of Bull Run occurr? And who was involved? July 21, 1861. Confederate Gen. Beauregard’s vs McDowell, two gens. former classmates at west point. Conf. General Joseph E. Johnston reinforced. Also, Stonewall Jackson got his nickname because someone said he and his men were like stonewalls.
Was Jefferson Davis ill-prepared for war, compared to Lincoln? No, Jefferson davis went to west point. He decided his plan was to stalemate the union army. Get Cotten hungry Euro govs to support, and eventually force lincoln to negotiate a peace.
How did the Union army form their units? community and ethnic lines
What year did the union start their draft? In 1863 the government began to draft men aged twenty to forty-five.
The most intense fighting in the West occurred along the ______? Kansas- Missouri border.
The most prominent pro-confederate leader in the west was ? The most prominent pro-Confederate leader in the area was William Quantrill;. He and his band fought under a black flag, tortured and killed every anti-slave supporter. Jayhawkers responded in kind.
Early in _____, General Ulysses S. Grant did what for the first time in the Civil war? made the first Union thrust against the weak center of Johnston’s overextended lines. captured Fort Henry in northern Tennessee on February 6.
What was the first major union victory of the war. on February 16 Fort Donelson forced twelve thousand Confederates surrendered
What happened to Grant's men at Shiloh TN? And when did it happen? April 6th, Conf. General Albert Sidney Johnston, noticed grant exposed his men by not digging trenches. South attacked Feds in the morning while most were eating and sleeping. After a day of fighting, south withdrew, and union was too weak to pursue.
Shiloh was the ______-est battle yet. costliest.
George B. McClellan's flaw was... He was far too cautious.
When did the battle of Antietam begin? Why did it happen? How many died? September 17th, 1862. Lee was trying to invade the north. On his way to PA, he found troops at Antietem creek near Sharpsburg, MD. 6400
After the battle of Antietem, what was Gen. George B. McClellan's fate and why? Lincoln relived him of command and assigned him to recruiting duty in NJ. He was pissed that he didn't continue after Lee's army after the battle of Antietem.
Who was fighting Joe? 1862, Lincoln’s search for a capable general had turned to one of Burn- side’s disgruntled lieutenants, Joseph Hooker,, whose pugnacity had earned him the nickname “Fighting Joe
What was Lee's last significant victory and when? Who was injured? In Chancelorsville, on May 2nd, 1863 . Stonewall jackson
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