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Chaoter 11

HIST 2010

All of the following are related to the presidency of Andrew Jackson, EXCEPT: Monroe Doctrine ("Old Hickory", Peggy Eaton affair, and "pet banks" are right)
Andrew Jackson was considered the first _ President. Republican
The South Carolina Exposition and Protest and John C. Calhoun's advocacy of states' rights exemplify the following principles: Abolition
Who was in charge of the Second U.S. Bank during Andrew Jackson's term? Nicholas Biddle
As a result of the financial Panic of 1837,President Martin Van Buren advocated policies that led to the following: Independent Treasury Act
Who was the first elected President to represent the Whig Party? William Henry Harrison
Who wrote the novel Moby Dick which contained references to the current President Andrew Jackson? Herman Melville
In response to South Carolina's Ordinance of Nullification and the actions of his political rival, John C. Calhoun, President Andrew Jackson pushed for the following legislation, which would give the government the use of military power: The "force bill" of 1833
All of the following are examples of the brutal and genocidal relocation of Native Americans during Andrew Jackson's Presidency, EXCEPT: Distribution Act of 1836 (Policy of Relocation, "Trail of Tears", Indian Removal Act of 1830 are right)
What was the slogan for William Henry Harrison's campaign in 1840? Tippecanoe and Tyler Too
Captain Abraham Lincoln and Lieutenant Jefferson Davis both fought in the following war against the Native Americans: Black Hawk War of 1832
What were two of the main issues central to the Webster-Hayne debate of 1830? Tariffs and states' rights
Created by: jessicababineaux