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His Exam 3 ch15

What was the party platform of the Free-Soil Party? The party’s platform endorsed the Wilmot Proviso’s declaration that slavery would not be allowed in the new territories acquired from Mexico
Who made the Free-Soil Party, and when? In 1848, these groups—Van Burenite Democrats, Conscience Whigs, and followers of the Liberty party—combined to create the Free-Soil party at a convention at Buffalo, New York, and nominated Martin Van Buren for pres- ident.
Who was John Brown? In the Pottawatomie Massacre, John Brown led a raid against pro-slavery settlers in Kansas. He brutally murder people because he believed he was doing the work of God.
The Dred Scott decision of the U.S. Supreme Court was? a slave suing for his freedom because his master had taken him into free territory.
What is the compromise of 1850? was a package of 5 separate bills passed by the US congress in Sept 1850, which defused a four-year political confrontation between slave and free states regarding the status of territories acquired during the Mexican-American War (1846–1848).
Douglas, and Jefferson Davis in supporting roles—enacted one of the great dramas of American politics, which was? the Compromise of 1850.
What were the final compromises of the compromise of 1850? 1.Cali is a free state. 2.TX /NM act made NM a ter, made TX boundary at current location- paid tx 10mil. 3. Utah act made that terri. & their slavery would be decided by pop sovereignty. 4. Slave trade removed from dc. 5. Fug. slave act strengthened.
What was the Kansas Nebraska act? And when was it passed? passed May 30, 1854. It allowed people in the territories of Kansas & Nebraska to decide for themselves whether or not to allow slavery within their borders. served to repeal the MO Compr. of 1820 which prohibited slavery north of lat 36°30´.
What was the Freeport Doctrine? FREEPORT DOCTRINE was Stephen Douglas's doctrine that, in spite of the Dred Scott decision, slavery could be excluded from territories of the United States by local legislation.
What was the Crittenden compromise? a failed prop. introduced by KC John J. Crittenden on 12/18/1860. It aimed to resolve the U.S. secession crisis of 1860–1861 by addressing the grievances that led the slave states of the US to contemplate secession from the US
By the ______ of 1853, the United States paid Mexico $10 million for land offering a likely route for a transcontinental railroad. Gadsden Purchase
What did Zachary Taylor want for California ? wanted immediate admission of California and another free state
Why did the issue of statehood for California precipitate a crisis for the Union? South feared loss of fed protection slavery if more free states than slave states emerged. Sen. John C. Calhoun says slavery could not constitutionally be banned in any of the territories, anti-slavery forces demanded that all the territories remain free
How did the Kansas-Nebraska Act initiate the collapse of the second party system? overtrn the MO comp. by opening to slavery the territ. N of 36°30′ outraged the nations growing anti-slavery faction. ruined Whig party, limited infl of the Dems, & led to the creation of the Rep. party, which absorbed many Free-Soilers & Know-Nothings.
When did the Lincoln Douglas debates take place Thus the titanic Lincoln-Douglas debates took place, from August 21 to October 15, 1858. They attracted thousands of spectators and were read in the newspapers by many more.
Lincoln’s election convinced many white southerners that their only choice was ______, which would likely lead to _______. secession, war
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