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Soc Studies Ch. 3


What conquest did the rulers of the Middle Kingdom make? City of Nubia for the gold
What technology helped the Hyksos conquer the Egyptians? Skilled in battles and warfare. They used chariots and horses which were unknown to Egyptians. Bronze axes.
What was gained when Egypt conquered nearby lands? Resources, land, trade routes
Where did the New Kingdom get olive oil? Greece
What waterways were important for Egyptian trade? Red Sea, Nile River, and Mediteranean Sea
What actions of Hatshepsut showed her to be a responsible leader? Long period of peace and wealth, organized trade routes and canals, great builder, built her own funeral temple
Who was the father of King Tut? Akhenaton (Amenhotep IV)
Why was Akhenaton an unpopular ruler? He angered Egypt's priest, closed temples, and destroyed them
What are the major achievements of ancient Egypt? Skilled in medicine, astronomy, calendar, building
Ahmose I 1570 BC defeats Hyksos, start of new kingdom, would not allow outsiders to rule conquered lands
Amenhotep I ruled 1546 BC, empire reached greatest glory, traded with Africa, Europe, Asia, Built temples.
Hatshepsut first woman to rule Egypt, 1400 BC, accomplished peace and wealth through trade, Trade expeditions, built her own funeral temple
Akhenaton Monotheism-Aton God of the Sun Ruled 1379 BC. Forbid worship of Anon chief and god of other pharaohs, neglected the Empire
Ramses II 1279-1213 BC established city of Ramses, known as the great, took over thrown while teenager.
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