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HI Pp. 212-222

Ch. 15-16 QUIZ

French Calvinist Protestants which left the Church of Rome Huguenots
By the mid-1500s, nearly half the nobles in France had become ______________ . Protestants
The Protestant movement in France was suppressed by what two kings? Francis 1 and Henry 2
a French assembly of representatives synod
The Catholic forces were led by what family? Guise
What decreed that Huguenots could worship in public if they met outside the town limits and if they admitted royal officials to inspect their services? Edict of January
the most infamous episode of the French religious wars St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre 1572
the first of the Bourbon line of French kings and the first Protestant king of France Henry 4
What stipulated that Huguenots could live in any towns or districts of France they chose, but could practice their faith only in specifically designated towns where Protestants had previously been the prevailing religion? Edict of Nantes
What had amended the Edict of Nantes? Peace of Alais
occurred in phases between 1618 and 1648 and was mainly a civil war in Germany and the Holy Roman Empire over internal religious and political issues Thirty Years' War
The Thirty Years' War began in what city? Bohemia
In what battle did the Swedes defeat the Wallenstein's mercenaries and Gustavus was killed? Battle of Lutzen
Scientists during the reform era were called what? natural philosophers
comes from a Greek word meaning "lover of truth" philosopher
a Polish astronomer who proposed a new way of understanding the universe; wrote the book "Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres" Nicolaus Copernicus
belief that everything is revolved around the sun heliocentric
belief that everything is revolved around the earth geocentric
In Copernicus' day, what was the universe believed to be? geocentric
Who discovered the three laws of planetary motion? Johannes Kepler
Who built a telescope and turned it to the skies? Galileo Galilei
Who discovered the law of uniform and acceleration and calculated the laws of the pendulum? Galileo Galilei
states that the speed of a body falling in a vacuum increases uniformly with time acceleration
What explains the relationship between the time it takes a freely singing mass to travel in its arc and the distance between the mass and its connecting point? laws of the pendulum
published "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy" (Principia) and "Opticks"; discovered the universal law of gravitation; explained the three laws of motion Isaac Newton
says that every particle of matter in the universe attracts every other particle of matter with force directly proportional to its quantity of matter, decreasing as the distance increases universal law of gravitation
"Father of Modern Science" Isaac Newton
a book about the nature of light Opticks
"Father of Anatomy" Andreas Vesalius
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