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Ch 8-9

Judicial review is used by the Supreme Court when they interpret what? Constitution
Who decides if a law or act is constitutional or not? Supreme Court under judicial review
What did G. Washington warn against in his farewell speech? political parties (factions) and getting involved with Europe
What is the purpose of the national bank? safe place to keep deposited federal money
What constitutional principle does this demonstrate? President appoints new judges ---> Senate must approve presidential appointment of judges ----> Supreme Court can declare laws made by Congress unconstitutional Checks and balances
What event under John Adams' presidency dealt with the issue of states' rights? Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions
Who had the greatest impact on U.S. economics under George Washington? Alexander Hamilton
What is the presidents cabinet? Departments that are in charge of specific issues, each has a secretary, they work directly with the president
Why did southerners oppose some of Hamilton's financial plan? most southern states already paid their debts
What did the Sedition Act violate? 1st Amendment
What was the outcome of the election of 1800? The House of Representatives had to pick the president and vice president due to a tie
What problem did Jefferson run into when purchasing the Louisiana Territory? The Constitution did not say a president could purchase land
What were the outcomes of the Whiskey Rebellion? Showed strength of federal government, showed the federal government can tax the people
What did Marbury v. Madison establish? Judicial review
Republicans believed that power should be in the hands of _____. The states and the people
Federalists believed that the ____ government should be stronger than states. Federal (national) government
Jefferson believe in ______ where the government does not interfere with the economy Laissez faire
Why was the War of 1812 called the "Second War for Independence"? The British never gave full respect to the U.S. as a real country
New England Federalists considered secession from the United States after the War of 1812 at the ________ _________. Hartford Convention
What was Lewis and Clark's goal on their expedition? Look for a inland water route between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean
When Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Territory it showed that he changed what? His interpretation of the Constiution
What was the geographic advantage to gaining the Louisiana Purchase? Gaining access to the Mississippi port on the Gulf of Mexico
What was a lasting impact of the War of 1812? The world saw the United States as an important country
What was the US military like at the beginning of the War of 1812? Small; Jefferson reduced the size
What were the 3 parts of Hamilton's financial plan? National Bank, pay off all debts, high tariffs
What did G. Washington think factions would do to the county? divide it
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