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His Exam 3 ch14

What were the dominant issues in national politics in the 1840s? Nationalism and westward expansion
Why did settlers migrate west? they believed that the west was divinely ordained to be part of America, it was portrayed as an empty land, and the lure of cheap, fertile land led to them migrating to Oregon.
Why were many Americans reluctant to accept Texas as a new state in the Union? because it posed a risk of war with Mexico, and they thought it was just another excuse to expand slavery
What were the causes of the Mexican War? What were the causes of the Mexican War? the annexation of Texas into the Union, Mexico refusing to negotiate, and Mexicans attacking US soldiers north of the Rio Grande
What territories did the United States gain from the Mexican War? California, Texas, and New Mexico
Who is Young Hickory? Short slender, James Knox Polk. The president that essentially made manifest destiny come true.
Who coined the term Manifest Destiny? And in what year? John Louis O’Sullivan - News Paper in NYC 1845
A moral justification for territorial expansion is...? God promotes the expansion westward.
The Webster Ashburton Treaty happened in aug 9, 1842, was a treaty resolving several border issues between US and the British North American colonies. Signed under John Tyler's presidency, it resolved the Aroostook War, a nonviolent dispute over the location of the Maine–New Brunswick border.
During the 1820s and 1830s, the fur trade had inspired...? ... “mountain men” to abandon civilization in pursuit of beaver pelts and revert to a primitive existence in the wilderness.
What is Oregon Fever? OR fever US. In 1841 & 1842, 1st sizable wagon made the trip, & in 1843 the movement became a mass mig “The OR fever has broke out,” settler in 1843, “is now raging like any other contagion.” By 1845 there were about 5k settlers in OR Willamette Valley.
travelers bound for ___ and ___ rode in wagon caravans. the Overland Trails to the West Coast, most of the pioneers were ___ rather than traders, and they traveled mostly in family groups and came from all over the United States. Oregon & California, setllers -- Overland Trails
Who was John C. Freemont and his significance to the move westward. He & two dozen soldiers mapped part of the Oregon Trail. Ind. MO, to Astoria OR in 1842. wore army pants and moccasins, launched mil. camp. 1845, his reports published into circulation and many people migrated to OR and CA because of it.
Who was Stephen F. Austin? Stephen F Austin, founder of Anglo-American Texas, was born at the lead mines in SW Virginia on nov 3, 1793. established the town of Potosi in what is now Washington County. was an American empresario in TX.
Who was General Antonio López de Santa Anna? Opposed2 slavery was elected pres of MX in 1833.following yr became a self-promoting dictator, calling himself the “Napoleon of the West.” Anglo Txs feared that the new MX leader intended to free “our slaves & to make slaves of us.”
What are Tejanos? Spanish-speaking Texans of Mexican or Spanish descent clustered around San Antonio
A Mexican congressman warned in 1830 that the Americans in Texas ...? ...were not loyal to Mexico. They instead displayed a “greed for territory. . . . They have made their homes with us, but their hearts are with their native land.”
When did the battle of the Alamo occur In February 1836
Who was Sam Houston? The commander in chief of the Texas forces. best known for his role in bringing Texas into the United States as a constituent state. His victory at the Battle of San Jacinto secured the independence of Texas from Mexico.
When did The Lone Star Republic form and give some important information about it? In 1836, the Lone Star Republic drafted a constitution that legalized slavery and banned free blacks, elected Sam Houston its first president, voted overwhelmingly for annexation to the United States
Who was Winfield Scott? Winfield Scott, general in chief of the army, was a politically ambitious Whig. Nevertheless, Polk at first named him to take
When was the bear flag replubic - california - declared? JohnFrémont,1845, recruited a band of 60 frontiersmen went into Calif. Sacramento Val., where they encouraged Amer. in the area to mimic their Texas counterparts & declare their independence from Mexico. June 14,hoisted a flag w/ a bear on it.
What year did mexico gain it's independence from Spain? 1821
Who was fighting JOe? Joseph Hooker, whose pugnacity had earned him the nickname “Fighting Joe
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