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Ling Final


Paraphrase 2 sentences that are both true in same circumstances
Entailment if a sentence is true, it guarantees the truth of another sentence
Contradiction if one sentence is true, it guarantees falsity of another
Lexical ambiguity sentences that can have 2 meanings because one of the words has more than 1 meaning
structural ambiguity all words retain their same meanings & categories but different syntactic trees lead to different interpretations for larger structure
Referential Ambiguity if a pronoun can refer to more than one person in the sentence
Strict Ambiguity Passive - sentence that is taken literally
Sloppy Ambiguity Non-Passive - sentence that is more broad
Scope Ambiguity usually involve something like every & a negation Neg > Every Every < Not
The Cooperative Principle make your contribution appropriate to the conversation
Maxim of Quality be truthful don't say what you believe is false don't say that for which you lack adequate evidence
Maxim of Quantity bring enough information be brief don't bring more that is necessary
Maxim of Manner be clear avoid obsurity of expression avoid ambiguity be orderly
Assimilation possible : impossible
Deletion [fif0s] : [fifs]
Epenthesis [warm0] : [warmp0]
Dissimilation [fif0s] : [fifts]
Regressive Assimilation /s/ is effected by the following /w/ sound in swim
Progressive Assimilation cats /s/ dogs /z/ the preceding sound effects the following sound
Metathesis prescribe : perscribe
Reduplication orang orang
Partial Reduplication tatakbo
Blend brony
Clipping zoo flu deli
Backformation funk grunge
Acronym AIDS
Initialism HIV
Word Manufacture Kodak
Borrowing ramen
Eponym Kleenex
Suppletion I am - I was
Ablaut sing - sang - sung
Umlaut foot - feet
Case I - me - my
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