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Ch. 6 section 1

Important people, events and places

Hessian Mercenaries (paid soldiers) that fought for the British from a region in Germany
Molly Pitcher Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley followed her husband into war. She carried pitchers of water to the American troops.
General Wm. Howe He was a British Commander who hoped the colonies would give up because of the size of the British army. They did not. He won the battle at Brandywine, Paoli, and Philadelphia. He and his troops spent the winter in Philadelphia.
Nathan Hale He was a Connecticut school teacher who spied for the colonies. The British discovered that he was a spy, and hung him. He is noted for the quote,"I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country."
Lemuel Hayes He was an African American who fought at Concord. He either believed in the colonies' cause or fought for money.
Peter Salem He was an African American who fought at Concord. He either believed in the colonies' cause or fought for money.
Benedict Arnold He led the American soldiers that forced the British to retreat at Ft. Stanwix, New York.
General Horatio Gates He led the American troops that blocked Burgoyne's path to the south. Burgoyne surrendered on October 17, 1777.
British Advantages 1. They had trained soldiers. 2. Thy had more money. 3. They had the strongest navy to carry troops, to carry weapons, and to carry food. 4. They had a larger population - had more troops and workers to make war supplies.
Colonies Disadvantages 1. They lacked a strong army and a navy. 2. The soldiers were volunteers, lacked experience, and lacked training.3. They had a short supply of ammo and weapons. 4. Not everyone in the colonies support the movement toward freedom.
Loyalists/Tories - Reasons they supported England 1. They were a member of the Anglican Church and the king was the head of the church. 2. They had their job from the king. 3. They feared disorder from the fight for independence. 4. Some just did not understand because they were not affected.
Patriot Advantages 1. They were fighting on their own soil. 2. They had great determination to protect their ground. 3. They were fighting for their freedom. 4. George Washington was a strong leader with courage, honesty, and determination.
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