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HI Pp. 204-211

Ch. 15 QUIZ

the greatest event of the Tudor period English Reformation
the first Tudor king of England Henry 7
King Henry 8's first wife Catherine of Aragon
King Henry 8's second wife Anne Boleyn
What act did Parliament pass that recognized Henry as the "supreme head" of the English church? Act of Supremacy 1534
King Henry 8's third wife Jane Seymour
the Protestant archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Cranmer
With the help of what two scholars did Thomas Cranmer lead England toward a more complete reform? Nicholas Ridley and Hugh Latimer
a book which was made up of prayers to be spoken or even sung Book of Common Prayer
the first daughter of Henry 8 and became queen of England; AKA "Bloody Mary" Mary Tudor
Who wrote the "Book of Martyrs"? John Foxe
the future monarch of Spain; was known for his devotion to the Roman church and his fierce opposition to the Protestant movement Philip 2
one of the most extraordinary people involved in the English Reformation (a 16 year old girl) Lady Jane Grey
"Good Queen Bess" Elizabeth 1
a series of laws which officially established many Protestant doctrines and practices Elizabethan Settlement
The Elizabethan Settlement laid the foundation for what? The Anglican church
those who wanted to purify the church of England; they felt the Anglican church was still too Romanistic in outlook Puritans
Queen of Scots Mary Stuart
the outstanding leader of the Scottish Reformation John Knox
What opened violently with the execution of preachers who urged reform? Scottish Reformation
The Church of Scotland was called what? Scottish Presbyterian Church
the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe Sir Francis Drake
perhaps the greatest naval force the world has seen Invincible Armada
After how many days had the English completely defeated the Armada? 10 days
In what year was the Armada defeated? 1588
perhaps the greatest writer of all time William Shakespeare
Who wrote these plays: Julius Caesar, Hamlet, A Midsummer's Night's Dream, and Romeo and Juliet? William Shakespeare
Edmund Spenser from politics to poetry, whether in real drama of war or the make-believe drama of a theater stage, the ____________ , as the reign of Elizabeth is now known, shine in English history and in the history of the world. Elizabethan Age
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