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Rise Modern America

2nd Industrialization and relation to Immigration/Migration

Industrialization Occurs when a nation's economic system decreases its reliance upon produced goods by hand and increases its reliance upon producing goods by machines.
Industries Arise when huge markets of capital and labor are combined to lower production costs, raise each worker's output, and create large amounts of consumer goods
Transcontinental Railroad Completed in 1869 when Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroad companies met in the state of Utah completing the first railroad that connected the Eastern and Western United States.
Capitalism An economic and social system in which individuals privately own the means of production. Labor, goods, and capital are traded and profits are distributed to owners/investors of capitalism.
Monopoly The attempted takeover of all production and profit of a certain item for ones own self control.
Migration The process of moving from one location within a nation to another location within that same nation.
Urbanization Occurs when a community takes on the characters of a city in layout, size and government.
Urban Areas Characterized by higher population density and higher concentrations of services in comparison with the surrounding areas.
Immigration The process of moving from one nation or another nation for permanent resettlement.
Social Darwinism Private property holds greater value than individual property, poverty was the fault of the impoverished and sinful, and social classes certainly are not equals such as rich and poor and boss and laborer.
Created by: Jmachycek
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