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jefferson era test

What was the importance of the election of 1800? first time that one party had replaced another power in the US
What was the 12th amendment? created a separate ballot for president and vice president
What was the judiciary act of 1801? created 16 new federal judgeships that president Adams filled with federalists before leaving office (midnight judges)
What is judicial review? the power to declare an act of congress unconstitutional
What event ended Napoleon's dream of building an empire in America in 1802? Why did Napoleon want to sell Louisiana territory? Haitian Revolution. They needed supplies for war against Britain.
What was the Louisiana purchase? What was the expedition to explore this area called? Who helped Lewis and Clark on their Journey? the purchase of French land between the Mississippi river and rocky mountains that doubled the size of the US Lewis and Clark expedition sacagewa
What did Zebulon's pike expedition offer Americans? first description of the southwest
What is impressment and which country practiced it? the practice of forcing people to serve in the army (this led to increased tensions between Britain and the US
what is an embargo? banning of trade in a country
What was the embargo act? law prohibiting American merchant from trading with other countries
What replaced the embargo act? non-intercourse act (1809)
Who was Tecumseh and what was his goal? a Shawnee chief who warned the Indians about the danger they faced from white settlers and his goal was to unite natives of northwestern frontier, south and eastern Mississippi valley
What was the difference of the war hawks and the doves? War hawks wanted to fight and the doves wanted peace
What was important about declaring war on Britain in 1812? first time congress declared war in us history
battle of Tippecanoe us victory over Indian confederation increased tension between US and Britain
battle of thames river us victory over a combined force of British troops and native americans..... Tecumseh died...... blow to Britain and native American alliance
Battle of horseshoe Bend US victory/Creek were forced to give up 23,000,000 acres of their land
Attack on Fort McHenry British reatreated and Americans refused to surrender
Battle of New Orleans Last major conflict of the war of 1812 Andrew Jackson became famous
What was the treaty of what Jackson and what was the treaty of ghent The Treaty of Fort Jackson was a treaty signed after the US one at Horshoe Bend. The Treaty of Ghent was a treaty signed by US and Britain ending the war
What was ironic/surprising aboutHartford convention in 1815 Meaning by the federalist to protest war but the war was already over
What were the causes and effects of the war in 1812? Causes- Impressment by British British military aid to NA British interference with American shipping Effects- Increased national pride Native American resistance weekend American manufacturing boosted
What was the rush/baguette agreement Agreement that limited mental power on the great like for both the US and British Canada
What was the convention of 1818 and what did it include Agreement between US and great Britain that settled fishing rights and established new north American borders/. Gave US fishing right found land and Labrador coast // set between US and Canada that 49° latitude
What was the Adams – onis treaty and what did it include Spain gave Florida to US/includes settling all border disputes between Spain and America/America gave up claims in Texas and paid 5 million citizens claims against Spain
What was the Monroe doctine Forbidded foreign countries from colonization in Americas and any attempt to colonize by foreign countries would be considered hostile
What is nationalism and sectionalism Nationalism is a sense of pride and devotion to a country Sectionalism is devotion to the interest on one geographic region over the country as a whole
What was Henry Clay's American system and what did it include Plan for raising Terrace to pay for internal improvements such as roads and canals/make the US economically self-sufficient by pushing for our national Bank to provide a single currency to make international trade easier and have a protective tarriff
What was the era of good feelings that is associated with President Monroe Period of peace pride and progress for the US in 1815 all the way to 1825
What was the Missouri compromise and what did it include
Mallberry versus Madison Supreme Court that established judicial review
McCulloch versus Maryland Frank what that declared of US constitutional on the Maryland could not interfere
Gibbons v ogden Playing court rolling that reinforce the federal government authority over states
What was considered the corrupt bargain 1824
Why was nc nicknamed the rip van winkle state in the early 1800s It was so far behind with everything
What was the Hudson river school One of American artist in the mid-1800s face painting focused on land
Created by: loganadkins5
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