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7th Final Review

7th Grade Final Review-tovarj

What did the lives of nomads revolve around? the seasons
How would you describe the communist system of government Citizens share ownership of all businesses and resources.
What is an example of an oligarchy? monarchy
Brazil's Great Escarpment drops into the _____. Atlantic Ocean
What geographic feature separates the two regions of Paraguay? Paraguay River
Define Tyranny cruel & powerful leadership
What South American country has the largest Native American population? Peru
The climate zone at the top of Mexico's mountains is the ______. tierra fria
the altitude zone in Mexico's lowlands is the ______. tierra caliente
which altitude zone ranges from 2,500 to 6,500 feet? tierra templada
What is the population density of Mexico? 139 people per square mile
What is the altitude range for the zone that means "hot land"? 0-2,500 feet
What could explain the rise of empires repeatedly in this location? The Niger River made the region wealthy by fishing, farming and trade.
Which of these explains why civilizations often choose to engage in trade? Natural resources are unequally distributed around the world.
An imaginary circle around the earth, equally distant from the North Pole and South Pole. Equator
What is the physical geography of Caribbean South America? Rugged mountains, highlands, and plains drained by huge river systems
What is true regarding the Panama Canal before it was completed? ship sailing from New York to San Francisco had to travel nearly 12,000 additional miles
A ____________is an area that has at least one characteristic in common. Region
What problems have resulted from Mexico's expanding population? Increased poverty in the cities
A place where people can buy goods from other countries without paying taxes. Free Trade Zone
What is the effect of the geographic area surrounding Costa Rica on its economic activities? Forrest Industries
Which of the following countries is not located in Central America Brazil
Based on their location and climate zone most of the Caribbean islands have a ___________________ climate? Tropical Savanna
The beliefs, customs, laws, art, and ways of living that a group of people share. Culture
What present day countries were included in the 1830 formation of New Granada? Columbia and Panama
A road map is an example of a Special purpose map
Which of the following is an example of absolute location? 40o N, 90o E
In 1960 Brazil moved its capital from Rio de Janeiro to Brazila
In the United States, we have Capitalism which is another name for a _______________(or free enterprise) economy. market
Which of the Following capital cities is NOT located in the Andes ranges? Lima
The climate in Whitehorse can best be described as ____________. Tundra
The Great Lakes were formed by? glaciers
In a _____ economy, economic decisions are handed down from generation to generation and often come in the form of bartering. traditional
What is the source of the Amazon River? the Andes ranges
Created by: Tovarj



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