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8th Final Review

8th Grade Final Review-tovarj

Why were American colonists angry at the passage of the Stamp Act? They thought they should have a voice in decisions that affected them.
How did colonists take the British passage of the Tea Act? They viewed the law as illegal taxation that might lead to future tax abuses.
why did American colonists hold the Proclamation of 1763 against Great Britain? Colonists felt that Great Britain was interfering in colonial matters.
What did the colonists think of the new taxes that Britain put in place for them in the 1760s? Because the colonies had no say, this was taxation without representation.
What was one of the actions taken by Sons and Daughters of Liberty? protested British taxation in the colonies
Why did the British put new taxes in place in the American colonies during the 1760s? to pay for the cost of fighting the French and Indian War
What did American colonists have to do under the Quartering Act? provide food, shelter, and transportation to British soldiers stationed in the towns
Why did England make American colonists pay a series of taxes after the French and Indian War? to pay off war debt and to pay for the cost of governing its territories
How was the first Coercive Act directly linked to the Boston Tea Party It shut down Boston’s port until the city paid for all the tea that was destroyed.
How did Britain stress through their Parliament that the colonists were still under British rule and that Britain could still tell them what to do? the Declaratory Act
What does the Declaration of Independence's term "unalienable rights" mean? rights that cannot be taken away.
On what belief was the Declaration of Independence based on? people possess natural rights
what statement by John Locke is resonated in the Declaration of Independence No one can be subjected to the political power of another without his own consent.
All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. The above phrase comes from the Declaration of Independence.
who mainly wrote the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
When talking about the Declaration of Independence, what are the rights that cannot be taken away called? unalienable rights
Which quote from the American Revolution most likely influenced the French revolutionary slogan Liberty, Equality, Fraternity ? All men are created equal. Declaration of Independence
The belief identified in the Declaration of Independence that creates a government to protect natural rights is social contract
How would you describe the relationship between British taxes in the 1760s and 1770s and the Declaration of Independence? The British taxes angered the colonists, which led them to declare their independence from Britain.
Which complaint is obvious in the Declaration of Independence? the quartering of British soldiers
State the main purpose of the Declaration of Independence To declare freedom from England
What can the people do according to the Declaration of Independence if their governments fails them? alter or abolish the government
What is the key duty of government according to the Declaration of Independence? to protect citizens' natural rights
What was the written justification for American colonies separating themselves from England? Declaration of Independence
Who does the final power of government rest with according to the Preamble of the Constitution? the people
How did Shay's Rebellion affect the United States? It made the need for a stronger national government clear.
How does Federalism divide power? it divides power between the states and federal government
Articles I, II, and III of the Constitution created the three branches of government. Which principle was used by the framers? separation of powers
What held the most power under the Articles of Confederation? states
What are the first ten amendments of the United States Constitution called? Bill of Rights
What was a major weakness of the Articles of Confederation? It provided greater powers to states rather than to a strong central government.
The Constitution has the power to levy taxes, declare war, and coin money. What does it NOT have the power to do? build roads
This statement correctly identifies the Antifederalists' perspective The Constitution gives too much power to the central government.
Why were the Federalist Party and the Democratic-Republican Party formed Hamilton and Jefferson disagreed over an interpretation of the Constitution.
What geographical feature slowed westward expansion in the early nineteenth century? The Appalachian Mountains
Which provision of the U.S. Constitution makes it possible for computers manufactured in Texas to be sold without a state-imposed tariff at the same price in every state? The first ten amendments, the Bill of Rights
According to Montesquieu's view of separation of power, political authority should be divided into how many branches to best promote liberty? three
Which power belongs to the national government and not to the states Under the Constitution,? Making treaties
Which issue can the Supreme Court decide? Whether a law violates the United States Constitution
Can the national government unmake a law passed by Congress? Yes, when the Supreme Court decides a law is unconstitutional
In 1794, Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin. Which region of the United States benefited most from this development? The South
The Declaration of Independence states that government receives its power "from the consent of the governed." According to this statement, what can you infer about how the colonists believed they had been treated by the British government? The colonists believed that they had been treated poorly; specifically, that they had been burdened with unfair laws and taxes without their consent. The statement implies that the colonists' treatment was so poor that they no longer consented to be r
How would you explain the purpose of the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States The Preamble outlines, in broadly stated principles, the goals of the national government and why the government was created.
Identify two weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation, and explain what motivated Americans to call for a new constitution Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation included:
* more power held by the states *no executive branch *Congress had little power * no national court system * no system of checks and balances
Shay's Rebellion vividly demonstrated the weakness of the national government for help in putting down the rebellion, Congress could do little.
This display of weakness led many leaders to call for a new fundamental law that would create a stronger national government
What provoked the Boston Tea Party? The East India Company could sell tea for less than colonial merchants.
Created by: Tovarj
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