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ch 5 Civil Rights

Policies designed to protect people against arbitrary or discriminatory treatment by gov. officials, individuals, or businesses. civil rights
Part of the 14th amendment emphasizing that the laws must provide equivalent protection to all people. equal protection under the law
The law that made racial discrimination in public places illegal. Signed by Pres. Johnson civil rights act 1964
The legal right to vote. suffrage
Fees levied on the right to vote to keep black people from voting. poll taxes
Excluded black people from voting in primaries. white primary
Law designed to help end formal and informal barriers to suffrage for black people. The federal gov. also spent time/money doing voter registration drives in black neighborhoods to try to increase participation. voting rights act 1965
Policy designed to give special attention to members of a previously disadvantaged group. EX- Colleges may use this to increase diversity. Quotas are unconstitutional affirmative action
Requires public facilities to make reasonable accommodations for people with physical problems. It also prohibits discrimination in employment for these people. States opposed because of unfunded mandates. Americans with disabilities act