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Progressive Era

16th Amendment Power of Congress to levy an income tax
17th Amendment direct election of US Senators
18th Amendment The prohibition of alcoholic beverages
19th Amendment Women gain the right to vote (suffrage)
Clayton Anti- Trust Law of 1914 that made monopolies and trusts illegal but protected unions and farms
Elkins Act Outlawed the use of rebates by railroad officials or shippers
Coal Strike of 1902 established that the government would solve future labor disputes if the public welfare is at risk
Hepburn Act supported the Interstate Commerce Commission which allowed for a maximum rate for the railroads
Federal Reserve Act established the Federal Reserve banks
Graduated Income Tax tax larger incomes at a higher rate than lower incomes
Meat Inspection Act response to the Jungle. required that meat processing be inspected to make sure the meat is good and have health minded procedures
Pure Food and Drug Act Made companies accurately label the ingredients contained in processed food items
Underwood Act re-imposed the federal income tax. Additionally, it lowered basic tariff rates from 40% to 25% allowing for more competition.
Initiative Bill initiated by the people
Referendum a vote on the initiative
Recall allowed voters to remove officials from office by having an election before the end of their term
Square deal Roosevelt promise to the people about what they would get with him as president.
Civil Rights Wilson appeared to support this issue during his campaign but during his presidency he supported those who opposed it
Scientific Management Inspired Henry Ford to improve the assembly lines to improve production
The Jungle book that convinced Roosevelt to form a commission on the meatpacking industy
Sherman Anti Trust act legislation that filed 44 antitrust suits on monopolies and businesses.
muckrakers Journalist who exposed government abuses and big business corruption
Federal Trade Commission Agency that that the power to investigate and issue orders to end the unfair trade practices
NAACP organization aimed to create full equality for all races
Payne-Aldrich Tariff compromise that moderated the high rates of tariffs and angered progressives
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