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SS - Unit 3

Study Guide for Colonial America Test

Name the colonies that were part of the Southern Colonies. Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia
How did the colonists in the Middle Colonies send crops to nearby towns? Using long, wide rivers
What type of economy was found in the Southern Colonies? Free Market Economy
What physical feature kept the British Colonies from moving west? Appalachian Mountains
What kind of colony did William Penn want to establish? He wanted a colony where all Christians lived in peace
What made the Middle Colonies good for farming? Fertile soil, rivers, and climate (longer farming season)
Name the three continents that were part of the Triangular Trade Route. North America, Europe, Africa (goods were exported from Philadelphia and NYC)
People like blacksmiths, gunsmiths, and silversmiths are called Artisans
What did most of the families in the Middle Colonies do for a living? Laborers (artisans)
Name an important industry in the New England Colonies? Cod fishing, whaling, logging
Describe the differences in a farm and a plantation A plantation was larger, workers lived on property, slaves worked in the fields and a plantation owner ran the plantation.
What type of job did most of the colonists in the Southern Colonies have? Farmers, agriculture
What colony had the largest population of enslaved people? South Carolina
Enslaved Africans taught the people in South Carolina and Georgia methods for growing Rice
Why are the 13 British colonies divided into three regions? Each region had colonies with the same GEOGRAPHY and CLIMATE
What is a free market economy? People making money however they wish
What religion did many slaves adopt? Christianity views
What are similarities and differences between a slave and an indentured servant? SLAVES - forced to work and not paid. INDENTURED SERVANTS - Could not pay for their travels so they worked for their opportunity to go to North America under a contract. BOTH - Hard labor.
What is the main reason that people settled in Plymouth and Massachusetts? They wanted to worship as they pleased?
Created by: she4thgrade
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