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HIST finals

to help me study for HIST 2112 finals!!!

rhetoric vs reality ****
Ideological crusade -cold war
Anticommunist crusade -"right to descent came under attack" -loyalty/disloyalty -loyalty review system -HUAC -McCarthyism
HUAC house un-american activities committee
McCarthyism -"guilt by association" -hysteria -post WWII red scare focused on fear of communists in US gov't
Suburbunization -residential construction & consumer goods -California becomes symbol of suburbanization (think: sacramento) -"white flight" & "ghetto"
Dwight D. Eisenhower -modern republican -
John Foster Dulles -MAD -"hawks" cold-warriors -legal counselor for unite fruit company*** -massive retaliation
MAD -Mutually Assured Destruction -John Foster Dulles
Third World -guatemala: jacob arbenz -iran: mohammed mossadegh -egypt: gamal abdel nasser -cuban revolution: fidal castro
Brown vs. Board of Education -topeka, kansas -children as victims of "separate but equal" -to get rid of segregation in public schools & over turn plessy vs ferguson
Montgomery Bus Boycott -rosa parks -boycotting bus system
Southern Manifesto anti-desegragation
Election of 1960 JFK vs Nixon
Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibited racial discrimination in employment, hospitals, schools, restaurants, hotels, & theaters
John F. Kennedy -civil rights as a distraction from cold war -probably killed because he'd "gone too soft" on cold war
Great Society -different from new deal bc it was enacted during a time of affluence, not depression -Lyndon B. Johnson
"New Left" -children of affluence -challenged mainstream -redefinition of freedom -hippies & counterculture
SDS -Students for a Democratic Society
Vietnam War -Ho Chi Mihn -viet minh (vietcong) -loss of morale -gulf of tonkin resolution, 1964 -my lai massacre
Ho Chi Minh -vietnam -communist leader
Antiwar Movement -protests to end war -americans wanting to end vietnam war
Betty Friedan -Feminism -author -The Female Mystique
Equal Pay act -influence by Friedan -equal pay for men and women
Red Power -indian militancy
1968 climatic year worldwide: -soviet union invades Chezlosovakia -mexico city massacre -MLK assassination -Tet offensive
Richard Nixon president with focus on domestic policies & foreign policy fell to corruption
Detente the easing of hostility or strained relations, esp. between countries ex: china joins UN anti-ballistic missile treaty
Vietnamization -US trying to replace american troops with Vietnamese troops -led to destabilization of Cambodia
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
Jimmy Carter president who focussed on moral tone of politics, coating poverty, human rights experienced great decline in popularity
Iran (1979) -CIA-installed Shah overthrown -US Embassy hostage situation
Afganistan (1979) -soviet troops invade -US funds dangerous group that stop soviets
speculation one word to describe the 1930's, broadly
supremacy the idea that binds together facism, nazis, kkk, ect
stock market crash -1929 -did not entirely cause Great depression
Great Depression -not limited to US -"hoovervilles", breadlnes, soup kitchens, selling apples, ect -1932: 25% of labor unemployed
new concept of freedom (1930s) -a progressive belief in a socially conscious state of making positive and constructive changes in economic arrangement -a respect for civil liberties and "cultural pluralism"
cultural pluralism a society that glorifies Ethnic Diversity rather than attempt to suppress it
1930s characteristics -the "new deal' at a period -social upheaval (& revitalized labor movement)
FDR -born rich -liked to represent ordinary working citizens -helped stop great depression -paralyzed from polio -"fire side chats" with public
prohibition -democrats pro-prohibition -republicans wanted no prohibition
glass-steagall act -no banks involved in stocks -FDIC -off the "gold standard
National Industrial Recovery Act -NRA found unconstitutional after 2 years -one of the "bad ideas" of FDR
Economy Act spending on relief was unavoidable
Federal Emergency Relief Administration -CCC -PWA -CWA -TVA -AAA -FHA
Tennesse Valley Authority (TVA) -cheap electricity -gov't in competition with private companies
Agricultural Adjustment Act -raise farm prices -benefitted mostly land-owning farmers -found unconstitutional in 1936 -failure/HUGE mistake!!!
Federal Housing Administration -industry devastated by Great Depression -low-rent housing -worked with veterans later
The Dust Bowl -severe drought -pulverization -high winds
The First New Deal -series of experiment to fix economy -repealed prohibition -FCC -securities & exchange commissions
Second New Deal -Economic security
Rural Electrification Agency (REA) -one of the most successful of the 2nd new deal programs
Works Progress Administration (WPA) -provided work for artists, writers, musicians -ex: art exhibits in NYC alleys -ex: authors in charge of writing memoirs of former slaves
Wagner Act -a labor act -outlawed unfair labor practices -bringing democracy in workplace
Fair Labor Standards Bill of 1938 -established child labor laws
first new deal vs second new deal first: economic recovery second: economic security
good neighbor policy -us gov't supported dictators -Somoza in nicaragua -Trujillo in the domincan republic -Batista in cuba
road to war -japan invades china -hitler invades rhineland -mussolini -Franco in spain
appeasement of hitler -neutrality act -abe lincoln brigade -passivism
war in europe -nazi-soviet pact -blitzkrieg "lightning war"
isolationism deep rooted desire to avoid foreign entanglement -ex: ancient china
bracero program -labor contracts -originally temporary -relegated to least beneficial conditions -new "chicano" culture -"zoot-suit" riots -Caucasian Race Equal Privileges Resolution
Kennan Telegram -set the tone of the cold war -painted russia as aggressive, non-human set up mindset for cold war
reason civil rights movement birth at end of WWII -black military service -rhetoric vs reality -war spurred migration from rural to cities -National anti-lynching law -"the double-v"
Truman Doctrine US aid to any country threatened by communism -ex: Greece and Turkey
why was bomb dropped -show Russian's & threaten them -keep foothold on Asia w/out physically invading and losing more American lives
double-v -external + internal victory -victory over segregation and home + victory over Germany/Japan
NSC-68 (national security council) main point: to stop communism where ever it popped-up -closely tied to containment policies -unlimited militarization of the country
what NSC-68 lead to... -korean war -division (ex: east and west germany) -russians having atom bomb -chinese civil war won by communists
korean war -1995: spilt on 38th parallel -cold war gone global -truman did not support mcaurthur -"domino effect"
Fair Deal -Truman -domestic reform proposals included civil rights, national health insurance, repeal of Taft-harley act
Taft-Hartley Act -passed over president veto!!! -reversed many labor & union accomplishments in south
McCaran Walter Act of 1952 -allowed mass deportations -use of anticommunism
nostalgia trap fixating on a past the was never their
freedom consumerism replaced economic independence & democratic participation as central to the definition of __________
yuri gagarin first person in space (a russian)
cold war rhetoric US trying to show through cold-war rhetoric that the US and capitalism is better
de jure by law
de facto by common practice
turbulence of 1960's friction btwn urban decay and affluence
pentagon papers -leaked by Daniel Elsburg -exposed dirt behind Vietnam war and interactions
Ronald Reagan -president -reaganomics -cold war rhetoric -Strategic Defense Initiative
Created by: erosies
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