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AQA Unit 10

Propaganda messages aimed at influencing the behaviour or opinions of large numbers of people
Apartheid a policy of separating groups, especially because of race or colour
Boycott Not using or dealing with something, as a protest
The Olympics The highest-profile international sporting event that takes place and an important event in its own right every four years.
Knock outs Very common form of competition where the winner moves on to the next round and the loser drops out of the competition
Leagues Most common form of competition where all teams have to play against each other, often twice over a period of time or 'season'
Ladders This is where there are a set number or people and if you challenge someone above you and win then you take their place up the ladder
seeded the best players or teams are selected and kept apart in the early rounds
Bye a free passage into next round of a knockout
Created by: mkgriffiths10