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AQA Unit 1

Physiology The functions and processes of the human body
Flexibility/Suppleness This is high in teenage years but decreases with age (Gymnasts peak in mid teens).
Peak At your very best - the best prepared period for you to be able to perform
Inclusion A policy that no one should experience as a result of their disability, heritage, gender, special educational need, ethnicity, social group, sexual orientation, race or culture
Facilities (Disability) It is a legal requirement that facilities are catered for in the following ways: Access; Parking; Provision.
Sporting Adaptions All sports can be adapted to cater for either general or specific abilities. All governing bodies make efforts to make their sport accessible to all.
Disability ... can be considered to exist in one of four categories: Physical, Mental, Permanent and Temporary
Strength Children and do not reach maximum strength until they are fully grown (Weight lifting is not recommended)
Oxygen Capacity Reduces with age
Skill Level Improves with age and experience
Injury it takes longer to recover from injury as you get older as we have build up of wear and tear on the body
Physique The form, size and development of a persons body
Metabolic The whole range of bio-mechanical processes that occur within us
Power Combination of speed and strength
Maximal strength The greatest amount of weight that can be lifted in one go
Culture The ideas, customs and social behaviour of a particular people or socity
Religions Particular cultures are often linked to specific religions and these religions have traditional values that they sometimes insist are followed
Fast To eat certain types of food or to reduce food intake
Devout Devoted or dedicated to
Gender The state of being male or female
Hijab A head covering that must be worn in public by some muslim women
Body composition The percentage of body weight that is fat, muscle and bone
Musculature The system or arrangement of muscles on the body
Samatotypes Different body types based on shape, most commonly Endomorph, Mesomorph and Ectomorph.
Trunk The middle part of your body (midsection)
Dehydration The rapid loss of water from the body
Landscape The aspect of the land characteristic of a particular region
Terrain The landscape you require is crucial to your sport because for example you would need slopes and snow if you were a skier or sea and surf if you were a surfer
Altitude Is the height of an area above sea level
Humidity Relates to amount of water vapour in the air. Humidity + Heat = Dehydration
Challenge A test of your ability or resources in a demand situation
Risk The possibility of suffering harm, loss or danger
Risk assessment Activity organisers and teachers have to spot any potential hazards or dangers in the environment before anyone takes part in the activity.
Competitve An activity that involves some form of contest, rivalry or game
Recreational Any form of play, amusement or relaxation performed as games, sports or hobbies
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