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New Words

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Torah The first five books of the Hebrew Bible. Torah in Hebrew means "to teach"
Diaspora The scattering of Jews to many parts of the world.
Monotheism (One) The belief in one God.
Polytheism(More than One) The belief in more than one God and goddesses
Empire A group of lands and people ruled by one government
Drought(Dry) A long period of dry weather
Flood Too much water
Ziggurat A large building with a temple on top.
City-State A self governing city and its surrounding areas
Ten Commandments The laws given by God to Moses at Mount Sinai
Judaism The religion of the Jewish People.
Cuneiform An early system of writing that used symbols to represent sounds, ideas, and objects.
Israel The kingdom of Israel split into two kingdoms. The northern kingdom kept the name Israel.
Prophet A person who speaks for God.
Judah The Southern Kingdom of Israel. It also means the name "Jew".
Menorah It is a candlestick used in Jewish worship and in temples.
Farmers watered their crops by building ______ systems. Irrigation (pipes or ditches that carry water)
A ______ is a city that governs itself and also nearby villages. City-state
Sumer's ______ writing system was one of the first in the world. Cuneiform
Nineveh's King built a(an) ___ that brought water from more than 30 miles away. Aqueduct (pipes that carry water)
The Torah says that God made a special agreement or ___ with Abraham Covenant(agreement)
_____ is the belief in many gods and goddesses Polytheism(more than one)
_____ is the belief in one god. Monotheism(one)
What is Silt? Silt is dirt that is carried down a river and it has many nutrients in it.
What is the Fertile Crescent? The Fertile Crescent is a lush green area through which two rivers meet. The Tigris and the Euphrates.
What is Mesopotamia? Mesopotamia is an area between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. In Greek it means "Land Between Rivers"
What is a levee? A levee is a wall of dirt that blocks water from coming into an area.
What are Irrigation Canals? They are trenches or ditches that are dug to let water flow into an area.
What is Erosion? (wash away) It is when soil washes away from the weather or rain. Like the bluff.
What is a scribe? "Scribble" A person who writes. A official writer.
What is a "aqueduct"? "aqua" means water. "duct" is like a pipe. Aqueduct is a waterway that lets water follow to an area.
What is a Covenant? A special agreement.
Jerusalem is what? The capital of Israel.
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