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Chapter 6 Test

Who headed the Democratic political machine in New York City during the 1860's and 1870's? Boss Tweed
Who governed nearly 400 cities by 1917? commissioners
President ______________________ was assassinated by an unsuccessful job seeker. Garfield
The railroad industry was considered an _______________ because there were only a few companies controlling the prices of the entire industry. oligopoly
What are muckrakers? Journalists that brought the corruption underlying society to the surface.
Who controlled many local governments by the 1800's? political machines
Which of the following required railroads to charge 'reasonable and just' rates? Interstate Commerce Act
_______________________supported the government efforts to regulate industry. Progressives
Whose book led Congress to pass the Meat Inspection Act? Upton Sinclair
Who introduced the direct primary election? Robert La Foilette
What type of women fought in the war? suffragists
Who founded the National Woman's Party? Alice Paul
___________________ is the passing of laws to prohibit the making or selling of alcohol in the US. Prohibition
What is the term for 'up to date' women who pursued interests outside of the home at the turn of the 20th century? New Woman
What organization did Elizabeth Cady Stanton help found in 1869? National Association of Women's Suffrage
__________ __________ worked with disadvantaged people and became a pioneer in the field of social work. Jane Addams
What amendment gave women the right to vote? Nineteenth Amendment
Who was the youngest president? Theodore Roosevelt
__________ _______________ favored big business. William McKinley
What did President Roosevelt want to do with trusts? regulate
The _______________ industry's companies and union were forced into arbitration by President Roosevelt. mining
Which amendment gave Congress the power to tax people's income? Sixteenth Amendment
Who won the 1912 presidential election? Woodrow Wilson
The _______________ _______________ ____________ regulated banking. Federal Reserve Act
Mutualists provided legal and insurance help to _____________ Americans. Mexican
__________________ immigrants often faced prejudice or anti-Semitic attitudes. Jewish
In the Plessy vs. Ferguson case, the _______________ _________ legalized segregation. Supreme Court
Who founded the National Negro Business League? Booker T Washington
_________ __ __________ was a journalist who started a national effort to stop lynching. Ida B Wells
Which group feared that the increase in Catholic immigrants threatened the American way of life? American Protective Association
_____________________ is unequal treatment based on race, religion, ethnic background, or place of birth. Discrimination
A __________________ is a type of Mexican neighborhood that mutualistas worked to address overcrowding and poor public services. barrio
__ ______________ ______________ was one of the founding members of the Society of American Indians. Dr. Carlos Montezuma
Separation of one group from another is called ____________. segregation
______________________ is the process of resolving disputes between people or groups by agreeing to accept the decision of a neutral party. Arbitration
A _____________________ is a government official who investigates and combats business alliances formed to control competition and prices. trustbuster
An __________________ is the right of voters to place an issue on the ballot in a state election. initiative
The right of voters to accept or reject laws is called a ____________________. referendum
What is right of voters to remove incompetent elected officials from office? recall
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