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WWII Ch.16/17

British Leader from 1940 through the end of the war in Europe Winston Churchill
He established the Free French government in England after France fell in 1940 Charles de Gaulle
He was the founder of the Congress of Racial Equality James Farmer
He became the Communist Dictator of the Soviet Union in 1924 Joseph Stalin
Name of the man in charge of the Atomic Bomb Project J. Robert Oppenheimer
Fascist dictator of Italy Benito Mussolini
Austrian -born leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party Adolf Hitler
British Prime Minister known for his appeasement policy Neville Chamberlain
"Old Blood and Guts" he was one of America's best generals and helped liberate Paris George Patton
His air attack on Japan was a morale boost for America in 1942 Jimmy Doolittle
This man became Prime Minister of Japan in 1941 Hideki Tojo
The Army Chief of Staff who argued for a "Europe First" strategy for winning the war George Marshall
This popular American General was considered a "Soldiers General" by his men Omar Bradley
He was the Supreme Commander of allied forces in Europe and in charge of Operation Overlord Dwight D. Eisenhower aka "Ike"
American Admiral in charge of capturing Japanese held islands in the central Pacific Ocean Chester Nimitz
African American union leader that fought to eliminate discrimination in war industries A. Philip Randolph
American Commander in the Philippines that vowed to return Douglas MacArthur
What Chinese province did the Japanese conquer in 1931 Manchuria
The demilitarization of this area acted as a buffer zone between Germany and France The Rhineland
What African country did Italy occupy in 1936 Ethiopia
Hitler claimed that Germans were being mistreated in this part of Czechoslovakia Sudetenland
A Japanese plane that flew into a ship was called this Kamikaze
The Germans captured large numbers of French and British troops at this coastal town Dunkirk
The Germans were as close as 25 to this Soviet capital in 1941 Moscow
What was the end of the war in Europe called V E Day
The German Air force was called what Luftwaffe
What "Bloody" battle gained a foothold for Allied soldiers in Italy Anzio
Considered one of the home islands Japan used many suicide planes to defend it Okinawa
What was the union with Germany and Austria called Anschlus
This Nazi defeat at the hands of the Russians in this battle in 1942 is considered a turning point in the war Stalingrad
What was the name of the last major German offensive on the Western front in WWII Battle of the Bulge
What major event in WWII took place on June 6, 1944 D-Day- The invasion of Normandy in France
What term is associated with the terms of the Munich Conference Appeasement
The origins of the Cold War can be traced to the concessions made to Stalin at this conference Yalta Conference
Where did the largest surrender of American troops in history take place Bataan Peninsula
What strategically placed island in the Pacific near Hawaii was the scene of a historic turning point Midway Island
This group of Americans were the most decorated unit in WWII Nisei
What law helped American servicemen get an education after WWII GI Bill
What term meant "living space" for the German Nation Lebensraum
What was the systematic killing of a whole ethnic race called Genocide
On September 1, 1939 this marked the beginning of WWII in Europe Invasion of Poland
The hatred of the Jewish people is reflected in this term Anti-Semitism
In 1934, Hitler made the military take an oath of loyalty to him and proclaimed himself this Fuhrer
This "Night of the Broken Glass" in 1938 was an attack on Jewish homes, businesses and Synagogues Kristallnacht
The Nazi-Soviet Non Aggression Pact doomed what countries independence Poland
What was the name given to German Tanks Panzers
What was an area of French fortifications along the German French border Maginot Line
What was Britain's Air Force known as? RAF or Royal Air Force
What was the RAF's defense of Britain in 1940 called? Battle of Britain
What was passed by Congtress to prevent any American involvement in Europe Neutrality Acts
This allowed Britain to "use or rent" American war supplies Lend Lease Act
This agreement between America and Britain was considered a list of American War Aims Atlantic Charter
This battle virtually wiped out the Japanese fleet Leyte Gulf
What was the defensive agreement between Germany, Italy and Japan called? Tripartite Pact
What countries were the main Allies USA, Britain and the USSR
Who were the targets of the Bataan Death March US and Philippine Soldiers
Who was the leader of the US navy in the Pacific? Chester Nimitz
Who benefited greatly in Eastern Europe from the Yalta Conference USSR
What was Hitlers ultimate decision regarding the Jews called? Final Solution
What was the main target in the Mariana Islands that the US wanted Saipan
What was the Atomic Bomb research program called Manhattan Project
This term refers to the killing of 6 million Jews and other "enemies of the state". Holocaust
What two cities did The USA drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Where were Japanese Americans relocated to after Pearl Harbor Internment Camps
What was created in order to ensure a minimum amount of supplies in the USA Rationing
The Battle of the Coral Sea proved the value of this Aircraft Carrier
The goal of this battle was to split the allies in Dec. of 1944 and achieve a negotiated peace in the West Battle of the Bulge
Who was the Fascist leader of Spain that remained neutral during the war Francisco Franco
What battle turned the tide of the war in North Africa El Alemein
Nazis accused of war crimes were brought to justice where Nuremberg Trials
What important event took place on May 8, 1945 VE Day
What important event took place on Sept. 2, 1945 VJ Day
What important event took place on Dec 7, 1941 Attack on Pearl Harbor
Operation Torch was the invasion of what area by the allies? North Africa
Created by: Mr Schultz
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