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U.S. History

1st semester test

Name the Puritans' colony Massachusetts Bay Colony
What philosopher greatly influenced the writing of the Declaration of Independence? John Locke
What did the Pilgrims want to do with the Church of England? Separate themselves from it.
What was the Halfway Covenant? A half membership given to non-born again church attendees.
What was the first English colony in the New World? Jamestown
What is indentured servanthood? When a servant is forced to work for a master for 7 years. In order to pay off the price of the voyage to America.
Who wrote "Common Sense" and had a large empact on the writing of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Paine
Who was the first European to sail the entire Missippi river? Robert La Salle
What was the last battle of the Revolutionary War, where General Cornwallis surrendered? The Battle of Yorktown, Yorktown
What group of people was conquered by Pizarro? Incas
What Native American tribe was originally peaceful, but attacked Jamestown in 1622? Powhatan Tribe
What acts of Parliament were passed to punish colonist for destroying the tea in Boston Harbor? Intolerable Act
What were Incas known for? A vast network of roads, great wealth, farmers of corn an cotton.
What worldview is associated with the belief that gods and spirits need to be appeased by human sacrifice? Spiritism
What is the nickname for the first short fired in the Revolutionary War? "The short heard around the world"
What famous agreement was signed by the Pilgrims before the went ashore to Plymouth? Mayflower Compact
What to conquistadors slaughtered people in the New World? Franciso Pizarro, Hernando Cortez
Who wrote "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God"? Jonathan Edwards
What is Mercantilism? The belief that other countries are made solely for the benefit of the Mother country.
Briefly describe the Salem Witch Trials Some girls were acting strangely, diagnosed as "possessed," accused and some killed
What was the name of the route that slave ships used that connected Africa and the New World? The Middle Passage
Who was Pennsylvania's founder, why was it founded? William Penn, To pay off a debt owed by the king a haven for Quakers.
Who founded Massachusetts, Why? Puritans, Religious freedom
What colony was founded for religious freedom especially for Catholics? Maryland, by Lord Baltimore
What colony did Roger Williams found, why? Rhode Island; a safe place for convicts
When did Columbus arrive at the New World October 12, 1492
What year were the Aztecs conquered? 1519
What year were the Incas conquered? 1527
What year was Louisiana founded? 1682
Townshend act in what year? 1767
What year was the Intolerable Act? 1774
What year did the Boston Tea Party occur? December 17, 1773
When was the Declaration of Independence signed July 4, 1783
What was the date the first shot of the Revolutionary War? April 19, 1775
When did the Revolutionary War end? September 3, 1783
True or False: Separatist were few in number. True
The whom was the Bible the final authority and the basis for all laws? Puritans
True or False: Both Separatist and Puritans had a problem with the teachings of the church. True
Who founded Harvard and valued education? Puritans
What group settled in Massachusetts? Separatist
Created by: Aleiha13
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