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amendments vocab


Establishment Clause part of the 1st Amendment that says the gov't can't make a law respecting an establishment of religion- No gov't sponsored religion
Basic Rights rights that we are born with and shouldn't be taken away-life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness
Right to Bear Arms guaranteed in the 2nd amendment
Quartering prohibited by the 3rd amendment- requires housing and feeding soliders
Search & Seizure the 4th amendment insures against unreasonable search & seizure- police must get a court order before doing any
Eminent Domain the power of the gov't to take private property for the public good
Due Process following the legal procedures required by law----means the gov't has to follow all legal proceedings in arresting, prosecuting and imprisioning of an accused person of a crime
Double Jeopardy means being tried for the same crime after a jury has found you not guilty
Self Incrimination testifying against yourself-5th amendment say you can remain silent
Speedy/Public Trial accused people have a right to this by the 6th amentment
Power of States 10th amendment says all powers not given to the national gov't go to the states
Civil Liberties Same as natural or basic rights
Suffrage the right to vote
Presidential Term Limits set by the 22 amendment at two 4 years terms
presidential Succession the order of the people who would become pres if he died- VP, Speaker of the House, president pro tempore, Cabinet members
Powers of the People 9th Amendment- The people have other rights beyond what is listed in the constitution
Slander spoken lies to hurt someone
Civil Law law when a person or group sues another person, group or the gov't- person receives money if they win
Libel printed lies to hurt someone
Electoral College group of people elected by each state to elect the president
Equal Protection Under the Law concept of US courts that all people are treated the same in court
Separation of Church and State concept that the gov't should not sponsor or favor any religion
Petitions are written requests usually having signatures from people backing the request
Arrest Warrant court order authorizing a person's arrest
Indictment a formal charge by a grand jury
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