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Social Studies

Africa[chapter 19] section 1

Sahara world's largest desert almost as large as the United States
plateaus large raised areas of mostly flat land
What can Africa be described as? "an upside-down pie"
elevation the height of land above sea level
four regions of Africa 1) North 2) West 3) East 4) Central/ Southern
North Africa physical characteristics rocky mountains Sahara desert
West Africa physical characteristics grasslands
East Africa physical characteristics mountains, plateaus, grasslands, and hills
Central and Southern Africa physical characteristics flat or rolling grassland, thick rain forests, mountains, and swamps
why is Africa often called the "plateau continent"? The elevation of much of the land area is high
coastal plains this strip of land is dry and sandy at some points some parts are marshy and moist 16 miles wide ends at a long{adjective} not able to be heard
escarpment steep cliff
Great Rift Valley located n East Africa formed millions of years ago major lakes are located in or near the Great Rift Valley
rift deep trench
River problems 1]cataracts as transportation barrier 2] features that make it difficult to travel or transport goods
Nile River 1] world's largest river 2] use Nile to farm to create silt which makes soil fertile 3] 1960 Aswan High Dam is built to control flooding of the Nile
Congo River 1] flows in Central Africa 2] fed by hundreds of tributaries 3] second longest river in Africa 4] people grow cassava and grains
Niger River 1] third longest river 2] river begins in Guinea 3] flows north then bends south 4] provides water for farms in the river valley
Zambezi River 1] located in Southern Africa 2] borders 6 countries and is 2,200 3] strong current used for electricity 4] Victoria Falls is "the smoke that thunders"
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