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Ch. 7 Social Studies

What did the Spanish hope that a settlement would prevent the French and English from doing? Stop them from gaining more land from North America.
What was Pedro's mission? (3 things) Find French, defeat French, and take their land.
Settlers soon learned that New Mexico was not rich in _______ and it was too _____ and ______ for many kinds of farming. minerals, dry and hot
However the open grasslands were good for _______________. Sheep/cow/ranching
What is the El Camino Real? The royal road from Mexico to Santa Fe.
Describe the causes and the outcome of the Pueblo Revolt. Causes: Take over land, slavery, forcefully converted Outcomes: After violent battle, Spanish was driven out.
What were the meaning of the red and the white crosses? White means peace and red means war.
What did trade posts offer to the Native Americans? They could trade goods with the French.
How could Marquette tell that the Mississippi River was not the Northwest Passage? It flowed south
Robert La Salle named all of the Mississippi River ________ and the river's __________ for King Louis XIV and named it Louisiana. Valley and tributaries.
How was New Orleans's location helpful to the economic growth of New France? You could import and export goods
What caused King Phillip's War? England was moving on Indian land
What event helped the English settlers win King Phillip's War? Metecom
How did the backcountry of the Appalachians differ from the Ohio River Valley? The Appalachians had rocky soil and Ohio had fertile.
Did the French expect to battle over claims on the Ohio River Valley? What makes you think so? Yes, because they built forts.
Why did Washington bring soldiers to the Ohio River Valley in March of 1754? To build forts for France to leave
Why were the British trying to capture Fort Duquesne? Because that's where the rivers meet and it would be easy to capture them.
Why did it look like Britain would lose the war? They didn't have any allies.
What series of events helped Great Britain win the war? More soldiers, Native American allies capturing Quebec.
Pontiac's Rebellion was where Native Americans were attacking the Britain's because they wanted their _____ back. King George III created the _________ where colonists were no longer allowed to settle on land west of the Appalachian Mountains. Land; The Proclamation of 1763
The king hoped that Pontiac's Rebellion would prevent future ________. Attacks
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