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HI Pp. 190-195

Ch. 14 QUIZ

the elector (prince) of Luther's part of Germany Frederick the Wise
an assembly of princes and high church officials in the Holy Roman Empire diet
a renowned Romanist theologian from the University of Leipzig Johann Eck
In what work did Luther attack the "walls" the Roman church had built? "To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation"
In what work did Luther compare the papacy to ancient Babylon's seizure of the people of Israel? "The Babylonian Captivity of the Church"
In what work did Luther address himself directly to the pope? "The Freedom of the Christian Man"
What city did the Diet of Augsburg meet? Worms
What declared Luther a heretic and an outlaw? Edict of Worms
In where did Luther hide? Wartburg Castle
the education of all people rather than just a privileged few popular education
T/F: This emphasis on popular education distinguishes the Modern Age from all previous eras. T
What university became the first Protestant university? University of Wittenberg
Who compiled the first Protestant hymnbook? Luther
Who wrote the hymn "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God"? Luther
Whom did Luther marry? Katharina von Bora
followers of Luther who took a courageous stand for the Bible and spiritual freedom against the distortions of the Romanist church Lutherans
the land of snowcapped mountains to the south of Germany Switzerland
The 13 provinces in Switzerland are called what? cantons
The 13 provinces of Switzerland were UNITED in what was called what? Swiss Confederation
the single most influential book of the Protestant Reformation apart from the Bible "The Institutes of the Christian Religion"
a French Protestant which established the Reformation in Geneva Guillaume Farel
those who look to John Calvin as their founder Calvinists
A group of Protestants who called themselves the Swiss Brethren were led by whom? Conrad Grebel
The enemies of the Swiss Brethren called them what? It means "rebaptizer." Anabaptists
The Mennonites trace their lineage directly back to whom? An Anabaptist preacher in Holland who "turned to the Lord in penitence and faith and was fully changed." Menno Simons
the largest group of Christians today who look back to the Anabaptists Baptists
What two peoples are also related to the Anabaptist movement? Amish and Quakers
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