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TRBU Ch. 8-15

wearisome routine; dullness monotony
a hut; a crude dwelling shanty
an area of sloppy, muddy ground whose surface yields under the tread; a bog. quagmire
extremely thin and boney gaunt
regard for decency of behavior, speech, dress, etc. modesty
a portable container, especially for urine, used in bedrooms. chamber pot
sickly; unwell ailing
a person who is too weak or too sick to care for himself or herself invalid
not in keeping with established standards of taste or proper form; unseemly
the entrance to a house or building threshold
something that is considered to be a “sign” of a good or evil event to come omen
when a person grieves or formally expresses grief, as by wearing black garments. mourning
to be stuck in muddy ground (such as a quagmire) mired
strict isolation to prevent the spread of disease. quarantine
to prepare for action gird
infection of the intestine with bacteria, causing severe diarrhea. May be fatal dysentery
a severe, often fatal, infectious disease of warm climates, transmitted by a mosquito yellow fever
an infectious, often fatal, disease, characterized by intestinal inflammation and ulceration typhoid
a person of mixed heritage, usually French, Spanish and African creole
a musical instrument consisting of a set of steam whistles that are activated by a keyboard. calliope
something provided, usually food or necessities provisions
wearisome routine; dullness monotony
a hut; a crude dwelling shanty
extremely thin and boney gaunt
Created by: Colleen Frazier