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Our American History pages 72-111

In 1620, they struggled for religious freedom and were led to come to America Pilgrims
The Quakers called each other Friends
William Penn's father made him leave him because he became a Quaker
Wooded land Sylvania
William Penn hope that one day American would be a country with religious freedom
In 1790, Philadelphia became The capital of the United States
Ben Franklin's became this at the age of 12 printer
Ben Franklin helped to plan the first fire department
Ben Franklin used a kite to prove that lightning was electricity
Ben Franklin asked this country to lend the American colonies the money they needed France
Main set of laws in our country Constitution
Ben Franklin suggested that the men writing the Constitution do this because God governs the affairs of men pray
A surveyor Measures land and draws maps
When George Washington was on a trip in British West Indies, he became ill with a disease called Smallpox
First President of the USA and served 8 years George Washington
The Quakers helped many people when this disease spread through London Bubonic plague
Two things that King Charles II tried to get rid of when he gave William Penn land in America Quakers and debt
What does Philadelphia mean? City of Brotherly Love
Ben Franklin's fathers job Candle maker
Ben Franklin's calendar of useful information Poor Richard's Almanac
The war between England and America in 1770s American Revolution
Important document signed on July 4, 1776 that declared our country to be free Declaration of Independence
Another name for the British soldiers during the war Redcoats
Where the representatives gather to write the Constitution Philadelphia
George Washington's Birthday February 22
What lesson did Ben Franklin learned when he paid too much for a whistle? He learned to be more careful with his money
Why did the Quakers and Indians get along so well? They trusted each other
George Washington's saying written by Robert E. Lee's father "First in war, first in peace and first in the hearts of his countrymen."
Why is our country's capital named Washington DC? It's named for George Washington because he was brave, strong, honest and true.
Created by: mclean45
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