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Cold War


What is the United Nations? International organization to keep world peace
What were 2 results of the American occupation of Japan after World War II? 1) Japan became a democracy 2) Japan became an ally or friend of the U.S.
What was the Cold War? War of words between the U.S. and the Soviet Union between 1945 and 1991
What is communism? Economic system in which there is no private property; gove4rnment owns everything
What is socialism? Economic system in which the government owns and controls the means of production like power plants, transportation, and communication companies
Why did President Truman announce the Truman Doctrine? Afraid Greece and Turkey would become communist
What was the Truman Doctrine? U.S. would support "free peoples" who were threatened by a communist takeover
What President was responsible for the Marshall Plan? Harry Truman
What was the Marshall Plan? U.S. economic aid program to European nations after World War II
What was the dual purpose of the Marshall Plan? 1) Rebuild European economies, 2) Stop the spread of communism
What was containment? American policy to stop the spread of communism; limit communism to those countries where it already existed
What was the non-communist part of German during the Cold War? West Germany
What was the communist part of Germany during the Cold War? East Germany
Who was Alger Hiss? State Department official accused of giving secrets to the Soviets; convicted of perjury
Who were Julius and Ethel Rosenberg? A couple who knew secret information about the U.S. atomic project; they were convicted of espionage and executed
What is espionage? Spying
What federal agency coordinates the spy activities of the U.S. government? CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)
What was NATO? A defensive military alliance of the U.S. and Western European countries; an attack on one country would be considered an attack on all
What was the Warsaw Pact? A defensive military alliance of the Soviet Union and other communist countries in Eastern Europe; an attack on one country would be considered an attack on all
Who was the communist Chinese leader? Mao Zedong
Who was the anti-communist Chinese leader? Chiang Kai-shek
Who was Senator Joseph McCarthy? A Republican senator who falsely accused many American officials of being communists
What were the Army-McCarthy Hearings? Televised investigations of alleged communist influence in the United States Army; showed that McCarthy was a liar and a bully
What event brought an end to Joseph McCarthy's power and influence? Army-McCarthy Hearings
Which is the communist Korea? North Korea
Which is the non-communist Korea? South Korea
What was the Korean War? The 1950-1953 war caused when communist North Korea invaded anti-communist South Korea
Who served as president during the Korean War? Truman first, then Eisenhower
What was massive retaliation? the Eisenhower administration's threat of swift, all-out military action against a nation committing aggression (invasion or attack)
What was the Bay of Pigs? The CIA sponsored invasion of Cuba by Cuban exiles to overthrow Castro; it failed
Who was president during the Cuban Missile Crisis? John F. Kennedy
What was the Cuban Missile Crisis? 1) Soviets placed nuclear missiles in Cuba 2) U.S. blockaded Cuba 3) Soviets removed the missiles
Who was the Soviet leader during the Cuban Missile Crisis? Nikita Khrushchev
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