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Road to Revolution 2

Samuel Adams Colonist who started the Committee of Correspondence and Sons of Liberty Wrote about the Boston Massacre
Patrick Henry Famous Virginian who tried to persuade colonists that taxes were unfair. Famous for "Give me liberty, or give me death!"
Paul Revere Colonist who warned the towns of Concord and Lexington that "The Redcoats are coming!"
Sons of Liberty The group formed to protest British actions
Loyalists Colonists who remain loyal to the king (of England)
Patriots Colonists who believe that the colonies should not be ruled by England
minutemen colonial men who were ready to fight at a minute's notice
imperial policies laws and orders issued by the King and British Parliament
Yorktown the last major battle of the American Revolution
Saratoga battle that marked the turning point of the American Revolution
Kettle Creek only major victorious battle in Georgia that kept the British from controlling all of Georgia
Valley Forge Where Washington rested his troops for the winter; France sent money and troops to help the Americans
Battle of Trenton a surprise attack on Christmas night that gave renewed hope to the Americans; Hessians helped in this battle
Boston Massacre began as a snowball fight; ended with five dead including Crispus Attucks
Boston Tea Party Colonists dressed up like Mohawk Indians and threw tea into the harbor to protest the taxes on goods by England
Stamp Act first tax imposed by England; tax on any paper product
Townshend Act Taxes imposed by the British government on lead, paper, paint, tea and glass imported from England
boycott a form of protest where a group of people refuse to buy products from a supplier
Intolerable Acts (Coercive Acts) laws to punish colonists included closing Boston Harbor, no public meetings, quartering of soldiers
1st Continental Congress meeting of colonial representatives where a letter was written to the King explaining why taxing was unfair
French and Indian War French fighting British over land in the Ohio River Valley
Lexington and Concord beginning of the war - 1st time Redcoats and Minutemen fight; Paul Revere's ride
Declaration of Independence Preamble, Grievances, Rights and Declaration of Independence - written to the king - Thomas Jefferson was main author
Committee of Correspondence colonies wrote to other colonies in order to share important news
Treaty of Paris officially ended the war
Marquis de Lafayette young man from France who joined the Continental Army and used his own money to buy warm clothes for the soldiers; called "the soldier's friend"
representation to have a voice in one's government
Proclamation of 1763 a document declaring that only Native Americans could live on lands west of the Appalachian Mountains
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