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6th - Canada and US

Physical Geography

The United States and Canada have worked to solve environmental problems such as water pollution, soil erosion, and… acid rain
Why are the Prairie Provinces and the St. Lawrence Lowlands important to the economy of Canada? farming
One of North America’s greatest transportation routes is… St. Lawrence Seaway
The landform that lies between the Rockies and the Appalachians is… huge plains area
Why do so few people live on the land covered by the Canadian Shield? the land is too rugged
Which statement best compares the climates in the United States and Canada? there is a greater variety of climates in the US
How do the United States and Canada appear from outer space? as one landmass
The rivers of Quebec Province are used to make… hydroelectric power
Much of Canada’s mineral wealth is found in the… Canadian Shield
Factors that influence the climate in both the United States and Canada include oceans, mountains, and… latitude
Because Canada is a long way from the Equator, much of the country has a climate that is… cool
How do the huge plains areas in Canada and the United States affect the way people live there? the soil is good for farming
Why are the Great Lakes important to both the United States and Canada? shipping routes
One major landform that is found in both the United States and Canada is… Rocky Mountains
A ________________ region of flat or gently rolling land is found between the Appalachian Mountains and the Rocky Mountains in the United States. plains
Logging companies will often _________________ areas of forests which can lead to problems in the environment like erosion. clear cut
The southernmost states in the US are located in the ________________ and have warm weather all year long. tropics
The use of moving water to create power is called _______________. hydroelectricity
_________________ is an important industry in the Great Plains region of the United States. agribusiness
Things like petroleum and coal are considered _________________ resources because they cannot be replaced by humans. nonrenewable
A ___________________ is a large, slow moving mass of snow and ice, usually found in cold, mountainous regions. glacier
Because of NAFTA, there is now __________________ between Canada, Mexico and the United States. free trade
The Missouri River is a __________________ of the Mississippi River. tributary
Canada is divided into 13 __________________, which are very similar to states in the USA. provinces
Much of northern Canada and Alaska is covered with a __________________. tundra
The area to the east of the Rocky Mountains is in a __________________ and gets less precipitation than areas to the west of the mountain range. rain shadow
Hydroelectricity is an example of a ___________________ resource. renewable
The ________________ soil left behind in a river’s floodplain is fertile and good for farming. alluvial
Before 1989, both Canada and the US charged a _________________ on goods imported from each other. tariff
The Rocky Mountains are the home to the ____________________. All rivers to the west of the mountains flow toward the Pacific Ocean while rivers to the east flow towards the Atlantic Ocean. Continental Divide
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