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Texas History ACP

Texas History

The first Americans walked across a land bridge called Beringia.
The Caddo lived in houses made of grass and animal skins
Karankawa the indian group that lived on the coast
Cabeza De Vaca spent the most time and covered the most territory in Texas
Francisco Vásquez de Coronado searched for two years and found no gold.
The fort started by Rene-Robert Cavalier and Sueur de La Salle was found empty and in ruins when the Spanish arrived.
Tejanos in Mexican Texas earned money by ranching
An empresarios is a man that gets gives and is in charge of the land.
Rio Grande river the natural border that is shared by Texas and Mexico
East Texas is a good for its lush forest because it is wet
You will find cacti in the Mountains and Basins region
Texas is located in the Southwest region of the United States
The highest point in Texas is found in the Mountains and Basins region
The large body of water that is next to the Gulf Coastal region is the Gulf of Mexico
Jumano people got their food by farming
Why did ancient people in Texas modify the environment by digging quarries? They wanted flint to shape into points for spears and arrows.
The Atakapa adapt to their environment by by using alligator oil as an insect repellant
Sam Houston served as commander in chief of soldiers in Texas during the Texas revolution and as the first elected president of the Republic of Texas.
In 1836, the new government's most problem was most people still wanted to be a part of Texas.
Texas soldiers attacked Mexican troops at Goliad to protect settlers from Mexican soldiers.
Anson Jones served as the the last president of the republic of Texas.
The new republic of Texas set up the organization called the Texas rangers in order to to defend settlers on the frontier from attack.
A dictator is a ruler who does not answer to the people.
One of causes of the Texas revolution was Stephen Austin's arrest in Mexico.
Another cause of the Texas revolution against mexico was Santa Anna sent troops to Texas to fight.
The battle of the Alamo is one of the main reasons Texas is a part of the United States and not a part of Mexico.
Santa Ana surrounded the Alamo in a _______ in order to force Texas to surrender. siege
After winning independence, Texans elected a ___, or group of elected representatives congress
Texans built a tall ___ near San Jacinto to remind them of the battle that took place there. monument
Santa Anna agreed to sign a ___, a formal agreement, between Mexico and Texas. treaty
After the war, President Houston planned ways Texas would repay the ___ it owed to others, who had supplied money during the war. debt
Led a troop of 17 volunteers from Tennessee to fight at the Alamo Davy Crockett
Led the Texans at the Alamo after James Bowie became ill William Travis
Mexican general who attacked the Alamo Santa Anna
Texans had won two battles against the Mexicans, so they believed they could defeat ___'s army. Santa Anna
Texas needed its own plan of government so the leaders decided to write a ___. constitution
Santa Anna sent troops to ___ so the people of the town got ready to defend themselves. Gonzales
Austin wanted his troops to be safe near ___, so he sent a group of 90 soldiers ahead to look for a place to camp. San Antonio
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