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lms 8 history

unit 4 - The Early Republic

the British captain of the HMS Guerriere was stunned by his defeat during the war of 1812 because he thought the american navy was inxperienced
John Marshall's opinion on commerce was that transportation and navigation of goods is part of the constitutional definition of commerce
When the US gained Florida it affected the African Americans living there because many were forced into slavery
One major way President Jefferson protected American commerce was by protecting American merchant ships from attack at sea by paying a yearly tax to Barbary States
Congress was divided over declaring war on Britain because Members of Congress did not believe the American military could compete with the British military
The Monroe Doctrine said what about Latin America That other countries could not reclaim Latin America
George Washington's presidency was important because his actions would set precedents for all future presidents
The Alien and Sedition Acts changed the authority of the federal government by permitted the government to deny citizens' rights in time of war
President Jefferson at first believed that the USA should purchase the Louisiana Territory because Spain had closed the port of New Orleans to American trade
The growth of loyalty to one's state over loyalty to the nation led to sectionalism in the early 1800's
What prevented Tecumseh from uniting Native Americans east of the Mississippi River in his fight against the expansion of white settlement Existing rivalries among the different Native Americans nations in the region
The Louisiana Purchase did what to the size of the United States Doubled the amount of land
Why did President Washington adopt the policy of neutrality during the war between England and France The nation could not afford another war so soon after the Revolution
The war between France and England affected what in the US the attacks on the US shipping vessels led to a build up of an American naval force
One of the effects of the Louisiana purchase was that Americans could now start legally settling the region in the West
The Monroe Doctrine was a bold foreign policy statement largely because it was committed to suppressing Europe's expansion westward
Alexander Hamilton's background influenced his economic stance because his path from poverty to wealth led him to believe that supporting business and trade improves the economy
The national government overstepped its authority by enacting the Sedition Act by the act placed severe restrictions on several First Amendment rights
Most of the battles of the War of 1812 were fought near the water so the troops could be easily transported
The idea of national regulations of trade between states would be an example of what political party The Federalist Party
What of Jefferson's first actions did not relate to his belief in the need to reduce the power of the government The purchase of the Louisiana territory
The Monroe Doctrine stated what That America was stopping Europeans from colonizing Latin America
Why did Jefferson and the Democratic Republican party oppose an economy that favored manufacturing and trade They felt it would corrupt the nation and give power only to a wealthy few
The passage of the Alien and Sedition Acts led to the claim that states had the right to determine the constitutionality of a law
Why did Jefferson favor the laissez faire attitude toward the nation's economy It lessened government iterference
Created by: stallarita