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Egypt's religion

why did the Egyptians have so many gods and goddesses -believed each controlled separate part of nature -they explained why things happened -believed you were punished and rewarded by gods -prayed and offered sacrifices to gods
where did egyptians worship their gods and goddesses -in a temple or shrine, believed it was home of the gods(on earth) -had stelae which were ears carved out of stone so they can remind the gods to keep listening to their prayers -each village had its own shrine
what role did priests play -they answered questions that Egyptians asked, they went into a temple and "talked to gods"
name some ideas they believed in when preparing for the afterlife -they buried the dead west of the nile because they believed this to be that land of the dead. -they believed that ra(the sun god) was reborn every morning in the east and died every night in the west(because this is where the sun sets.
what ceremonies were performed and for what purposes -opening of the mouth ceremony ~,sarcophagus was stood up and priest touched is eyes, nose and mouth, they believed this would allow them to see, smell and taste in the afterlife
what ceremonies were performed and for what purposes -weighing of the heart ~believed this happened after you died ~ osiris weighed heart against a feather to see if you had been good ~if was lighter you could proceed to afterlife but if it was heavier you would be eaten by croc god ammut
briefly describe mummification process -took 70 days,was embalmed so ba&ka could remain intact,essential to afterlife,one stayed one left -used natron to preserve the body -wrapped in strips of linen and tucked in amulets -organs put in canopic jars for gods to watch over - placed in tomb
what were canonic jars used for -held organs of mummy -had faces of gods so they would watch over the organs -
define amulet a good luck charm that warded of evil and protected its wearer from danger and disease
define ankh a amulet that represented eternal life, was shaped like a cross with a loop on top
define natron a special kind of salt used to dry out and preserve dead body during the mummification process
define scarab a typ of beetle(often seen as an amulet) that Egyptians believed helped push the sun across the sky
define afterlife the belief that there is another life after you die
define mummification to dry out or preserve a dead body, and wrap it in cloth
define cartouche an oval shaped identification tag that Egyptians used sort of as their signature that was used to protect you
embalm the use of oils and chemicals to preserve a body
canopic jars jars used to hold a mummies organs that had heads of gods on them
pyramid/tom a hug structure with triangle, sloping walls that Egyptians used to bury pharaohs in
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