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HI Pp. 176-181

Ch. 13 QUIZ

sailed all the way to the southern tip of Africa, the Cape of Good Hope, that many Europeans said was impossible Bartolomeu Dias
the first European to reach the Far East by sea Vasco da Gama
The Far East was sometimes called what? "Indies"
had his own plan for a voyage to the "Indies"; discovered the New World Christopher Columbus
Columbus sailed westward across the Atlantic in what three tiny ships? Niña, Pinta, Santa Maria
What date did Columbus and his crew finally reach land- the island of San Salvador? October 12, 1492
the colony Columbus had founded on Hispaniola Santa Domingo
the first man to realize that Columbus had indeed discovered a new land; an Italian sailor who supposedly made four voyages to the New World around 1500 and allegedly wrote letters about his exploits Amerigo Vespucci
In Amerigo Vespucci's honor, what did they name the New World? America
Columbus believed he had arrived in the indies and called the Native Americans what? A name that still refers to the native peoples of the Americas. "Indians"
the first Indian tribe Columbus encountered at San Salvador Arawaks
Whom is the Caribbean Sea named for? Caribs
the first great civilization in the Western Hemisphere Mayas
the most important Indian civilization in South America Incas
the most powerful Native American empire at the beginning of the Age of Exploration Aztecs
the Aztec's capital city Tenochtitlán
made the first Spanish landing on the North American mainland Ponce de León
crossed the Isthmus of Panama and discovered the Pacific Ocean Vasco de Balboa
a Portuguese sailor employed by Spain, embarked on a three-year voyage around the world Ferdinand Magellan
conquered the Aztec Indians Hernando Cortés
powerful chieftain of the Aztecs Montezuma 2
conquered the Inca Indians of Peru Francisco Pizarro
one party of his men discovered the Grand Canyon Francisco Coronado
discovered the Mississippi River Hernando de Soto
explored the coast of California Juan Cabrillo
discovered Brazil Pedro Cabral
a supposed water route through North America to the Pacific Northwest Passage
explored for France the eastern coast of North America Giovanni de Verrazano
led an expedition that discovered the St. Lawrence River in northeastern Canada Jacques Cartier
the first modern explorer to reach the North American mainland called Newfoundland John Cabot
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