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History French Rev.

The French Revolution

The causes of the French Revolution Inequality amongst social classes, Economic crisis when France went bankrupt, and poor leadership by King Louis the 16th.
The first estate Made up of church or clergy
The second estate Filthy rich nobles
The third estate Split into 3 separate groups: The bourgeoisie had a lot of money (now a day doctors or lawyers), San Culotte was middle class, and Peasents were poor
The two wars that acquired a lot of debt the 7 years war and the american revolution
Louis XVI's biggest flaw indecisive
Marie's nickname and why people didn't like her Madame Deficit. She was foreign
The Estates General When one representative from each estate comes together
Why did the estates general lead to the french revolution? Because the 1st and 2nd estate teamed against the 3rd whch caused the 3rd to get upset and kicked out. Once they got kicked out, they caused a protest.
Bastille A prison that was stormed by the protesters because of the guns in the basement.
What's the unified group formed by the 3rd estate? The national assembly
Who led the moderates? Marquis de Lafayette
Type of flag the moderates had tri-colored red, white, and blue
What "Enlightenment goal" did the assembly meet? equality for all men
The national Assembly wrote what document, modeled after the American Deceleration of Independence? the Rights of Man
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