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Chapter 7 and 8

The Constitution

What does Article III of the Constitution establish? judicial branch
Which state was the first to ratify the Constitution after it had already gone into effect? Virginia
Why did George Mason oppose the Constitution? There was no listing of rights included
A government in which citizens rule through elected representatives is called a republic
Who suggested the Great Compromise? Roger Sherman
Which branch of government evaluates laws? judicial
What power does the executive branch have in legislation? power to veto
What is the power called that allows the legislative branch to remove a president? impeachment
Conducting elections is the responsibility of which level of government? state
How long does the vice president hold office? four years
How long is the president's term in office four years
What is the most distinctive feature of the United States government? separation of powers
What does Patrick Henry mean by "every power not granted was retained"? States keep all of their rights unless it is given to the federal government
What does the Ninth Amendment prevent from happening? It prevents the government from claiming that the only rights people have are those rights listed in the Bill of Rights
The meaning of the Second Amendment has often been debated in regard to what issue? the right of citizens to own firearms
James Madison hoped the Tenth Amendment would allow him to use which of the following as protection against the powers of the national government? the states
What kind of power is Congress's right to print money? enumerated
What protected the original 13 states' independence but did not create a strong national government? Articles of Confederation
What are the first 10 Amendments that were added to the Constitution? the Bill of Rights
The second step in the amendment process is called? ratification
How many members in the Senate? 100
Which right of individuals does the First Amendment protect? right to free speech
The strongest criticism of the Constitution was that it lacked a bill of rights to protect individual freedoms
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