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HI Pp. 170-175

Ch. 13 QUIZ

is named for the Iberians, its earliest inhabitants Iberian Peninsula
founded by the Phoenicians which became a large, prosperous city in the ancient world of the Iberian Peninsula and still exists today Cádiz
The Romans called their territory what? Hispania (Spain)
the great center of Moorish culture, and Spain's capital at the time, thrived with a population of nearly half a million people Cordova
the most famous of the Moors' fortified palaces called alcazars Alhambra
the crusade of Spain to take Spain back from the Moors Reconquista
the most powerful kingdom and led the other kingdoms in conquering the northern half of Spain castile
the Spanish national hero El Cid
The Moors were driven to where in SOUTHERN Spain? Granada
What kingdom ruled the EASTERN part of the Iberian Peninsula? Aragon
What prince and princess united the two chief kingdoms of Spain? Ferdinand and Isabella
In what year did the Moors compel Granada to surrender? 1492
Italian navigator dispatched by Ferdinand and Isabella to find a new route to the East Indies; his discovery of the New World inaugurated Spain's "golden century" Christopher Columbus
a brilliant Spanish scholar who wrote a grammar book for the Castilians' language that became the basis for the modern Spanish tongue Antonio de Nebrija
Ferdinand and Isabella began what infamous fight to root up and destroy all "heretics" in Spain? Spanish Inquisition
the first Grand Inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition, became synonymous with cruelty and torture Torquemada
Some of the Phoenicians and Greeks who came to the Iberian Peninsula settled where? Portugal
The Romans renamed Portugal what? Lusitania
Under whom did Portugal become an independent nation? He was also crowned the first king of Portugal. Alfonso Henriques
King Alfonso Henriques made what as the capital of Portugal? Lisbon
Modern European civilization was also sometimes called what? Western civilization
time when the nations of Europe began in the earnest to explore distant lands across uncharted areas Age of Exploration
a revival of European interest in trade with the East Orient
a device used to determine navigational location by measuring the angles of celestial bodies above the horizon Astrolabe
the son of an Italian merchant who accompanied his father and uncle on a trip to China Marco Polo
T/F: Finding a sea route to the Far East thus became a major objective of the Age of Exploration. T
the first European to reach the Far East by sea Vasco de Gama
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