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Southeast Asia #1

Southeast Asia SMS

Which part of China do the majority of China live in? East because that is where the big cities and ports are located
When the dynasties began to fall, what was the final one? Quing
What European country forced the Chinese to trade? Britian
How did the British force China in to trading? They smuggled in illegal drugs.
What type of government did China adopt after the Opium War? Democracy or Republic
Where did the Nationalists flee to after the Chinese Revolution? Tawaiin
Who was the leader of the Chinese Nationalist Party? Chiang Kai-Shek
Who was the leader of the Chinese Communist Party? Mao Zedong
Who was Deng Xiaoping Member of the Communist Party
What type of government does South Korea have today? Democratic
What island in Japan is the largest in size and population? Honshu
What is a destructive and fast moving wave of water caused by an earth quake? Tsunami
What is a place whre fish and seafood can be caught? fishery
Who is a general who ruled Japan in the name of the emperor, only one could rule at a time? Shogun
What is a highly trained warrior who is devoted to their leader? Samurai
What is the code of the samurai, stressing loyalty and obedience and valuing honor above life bushido
What is the legislative body of Japan called? diet
What is a fee that a country charges on imports or exports? tariff
What is a large group of islands called? archipelago
What are ports that have few, if any, taxes on goods going through them? free port
What is the period of time between 1945-1991 when there were tense relations between the United States and the Soviet Union? Cold War
What are natural disasters caused by the movement of plate tectonics? Earthquakes and Tsunamis,
Created by: mschlinks
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