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Where was Mesopotamia located? Mesopotamia was located between the Asia Minor and the Persian Gulf.
What does Mesopotamia mean in Greek? It means between the rivers
What rivers is Mesopotamia between? Euphrates and the Tigrus
How did Mesopotamia take care of all the floods? They built canals and had an irrigation system
Describe Hammurabi's Code. Hammurabi's Code was a set of 282 laws that default with almost every part of daily life.
What is a monarch? a monarch is a ruler of a kingdom or empire
Name an achievement for the Akkadian empire. effective military strategies
Who developed the code of laws? Hammurabi
Who first took over Mesopotamia? Who was their leader? Sumer and their leader was Sargon
Which empire with the hanging gardens achievement? Neo- Babylonians
what is a ziggurat? a pyramid-shaped temple tower where people worshiped their gods and had ceremonies.
what is silt? silt is a mixture of small rocks and rich soil brought to the land by rivers
What was the first form of writing? pictographs
What is polytheism? the belief in or worship of many gods.
Name an achievement that the Babylonians had. the code of laws
What are the code of laws? It was a set of laws that covered most situations and a solution to solve that situation.
Name a achievement that the Assyrian empire had. their fierce weapons, cruelty, and the perfection for the use of horses and iron weapons in battle
What cultural beliefs did the Assyrian empire have. their artists were known for their two-dimensional sculptures
Who developed the world's first civilization? Sargon the ruler of Sumer
Politically, how was Sumerian society organized? Top: Kings, Priests, Merchants, Government officials Middle: Merchants, artisans, farmers, and fishers Bottom: slaves all of these equal social hierarchy
What invention most affected the food supply in Sumer? complex irrigation system
Who believed to choose the kings? Many Gods
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