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Road to Revolution

A review of the events leading to the Revolutionary War

Which event? A British tea company was given a monopoly to sell tea in the colonies. Tea Act
Which events? Colonists, disguised as Indians, threw tea overboard into Boston harbor. Boston Tea Party
Which event? The British closed Boston harbor and took away the rights of Massachusetts to govern itself. The Intolerable Acts
Which event? This placed a tax on printed materials The Stamp Act
The King and Parliament started taxing the colonists to repay their debts from the __________________________. French and Indian War
The colonists were angry about British taxes because representatives of the colony had not __________________ for the tax. voted
The colonists responded to the Stamp Act by ______________________. boycotts, petitions, and organizing congresses.
The ruler of England at the time was ______________________. King George III
The ____________________ protested British taxes and were responsible for the Boston Tea Party. Sons of Liberty
The Sons of Liberty were afraid that the low prices on tea from the Tea Act would ruin their _______________ on tea. boycott
A written request petition
a refusal to buy goods boycott
money that a government collects to help pay for its expenses tax
Created by: lheppeard