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What physical feature in primarily found in northern Africa? Nile River
Erosion of fertile soil is called what? Desertification
Which African country has benefited the most from mineral resources? South Africa
Unstable and corrupt government effects what west African country? Nigeria
What is the climate like along the equator? Hot and wet
How did European create friction among ethnic groups in Africa? drew borders without regard
What is one reason why Nigerians are so poor, but the country is rich in large oil deposits? Corruption
What physical feature divides northern Africa from the rest of Africa? Sahara
What is a characteristic of a developing nation? low literacy rate
What is the name of Africa's main rainforest? Congo Basin
What economic sector would a country focus on if they are at the lowest level of development? Primary
What two countries have faced mass genocide? Rwanda and Sudan
What physical feature was created by the separation of tectonic plates? Great Rift Valley
What did Nelson Mandela help end in South Africa? Apartheid
What humanitarian group provides the most aid to area facing famine? United Nations
What has life been like after the apartheid in South Africa? Still difficult, no equality, high crime rates
What to nomads roam around looking for? Resources
What is the main cause of conflict between the Hutus and Tutsis? ethnic conflict
The process of clearing trees in an area is called what? Deforestation
People who originally lived in an area are called? Natives
South African policy of separating the races that is now illegal. Apartheid
What do we call the region below the Sahara Desert? Sub-Saharan Africa
Government system where the person in power holds all of the power Authoritarian
Tropical grassy plains Savanna
Thick forest that receives at least 160" of rain a year Rainforest
Something that you can keep doing forever Sustainable
Trying to destroy a whole group of people Genocide
A person who is forced out of their country by violence or natural disaster Refugee
Help given to people in crisis Humanitarian aid
People who wonder from place to place with herd of animals Nomads
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